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Well hello, food allergy friend. 

I’m Jamie Kaufmann, a Milk Allergy Mom just like you.

So glad you’re here!


Food Allergy Support For Moms


As a 14-year allergy mom, I know allergies can be stressful.

So we create simple, practical tools that have helped thousands.

You CAN become the calm, confident allergy mom you wanna be!

Just click below for the help you need. Choose one, two, or even all three!



dairy free kid snacks


We’d love to send you FREE allergy-friendly, simple, kid-approved recipes!

Get family favorites from our 14-year food allergy recipe box.

Sent right to email so you don’t have to search for a thing. It’s free!




Discuss dairy-free, allergy-friendly products in one easy place.

Our new, private Facebook group is for instant, easy shopping talk.

All products, all the time. No distractions. And it’s free!



Milk Allergy Support


Want help beyond just recipes and dairy-free products?

Our best help, hope, and fun is inside our member library & support group.

Learn more and become one of our VIP families today!




We were the first blog to receive Spokin’s Top Rated Badge. 

Read our self-care feature here.

We’ve also been featured by WebMd, Buzzfeed, NBC News, and more.




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More About Us

We look forward to joining you on this adventure.

Together, it truly is better.


Become a Confident Food Allergy Mom!



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