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Becoming Milk Allergy Mom

Hi, I’m Jamie Kaufmann, Founder of Milk Allergy Mom.

For the past 11 years, it’s been my passion to help food allergy families.

I’m so glad you stopped in to learn more!

What’s My Background?

In a nutshell, it’s my calling to teach, help, and encourage others.

I’ve done this in schools, in government, in churches, in home schooling…

And now I solely focus all my working hours helping families at Milk Allergy Mom.

It’s an absolute pleasure to walk alongside food allergy families every single day,

helping make allergy life less stressful and a whole lot better. 

We’re in this together!


The History of Milk Allergy Mom

Milk Allergy Mom was created in 2008 as a convenient way to journal our unique life journey and safe foods for our boy.

Blogging was just becoming popular, and my hubby suggested it as a way to keep his mom in the loop.

Soon, we realized others were reading this little blog,

and supporting fellow allergy families over the past nine years has been an honor and a privilege for us.

It’s the kind comments and sweet online relationships that have kept me at this blogging thing for so long.

Truth be told, our readers help me more than I help them.

I love hearing tips, knowledge, and inspiration from our community.

Food allergy moms are my heroes!

Our Food Allergy Symptoms & Diagnosis

Our anaphylactic son’s infancy was marked with

excessive crying, chronic ear infections, and many mystery hives.

At age 8 months, in 2006, the mystery was solved.

While eating a creamy baby food,

he immediately broke out in ripe hives around his mouth and on his hands.

Quickly, I gave him benedryl and stopped feeding him.

But breathing and swallowing problems soon followed so we rushed to the ER.

During the drive, his face was so red and swollen that he looked like a burn victim.

Now we make sure to always have epinephrine with us as that’s the only treatment for anaphylaxis.

I so wish we had it for that first reaction. 

After a month of testing,

we were told our adorable boy was..

allergic to soy (moderately), eggs (highly), peanuts (highly), and milk (very highly).

Our Current Allergies 

Our oldest is now 13-years-old and has outgrown all his initial allergies except milk.

But he is now highly allergic to cashew as well.

His first and only exposure to cashew in 2012 caused swollen throat and stomach cramps which ended up needing steroids.

In hindsight, I should have administered epinephrine.

We avoid all nuts except almond milk.

Our second son also tested high for food allergies to egg and peanut at 6 months of age.

In addition, oats caused him problems like diarrhea and a raw bottom,

but he outgrew all his allergies by age four.

However, he has eczema and exercise-induced asthma. 

Our first son still tests highly allergic to milk, and his numbers have even risen at times.

At one point he consumed a small amount of baked-in milk each day under doctor’s orders,

but his numbers went up so we fell away from that.

This was during a time when oral immunotherapy was not as strategic as it today,

and we now know the numbers going up before they come down is normal during desensitizing.

Our Desensitizing Adventure

At age 11, our amazing son willingly began desensitizing his environmental allergies, especially pollen, by doing months of allergy shots.

He stuck with the intense protocol, starting with three shots a day twice a week!

He is now on maintenance with three shots every month.

We are so proud of his bravery, and think we are seeing a difference in his environmental allergies as a result.

Currently, we are trying oralimmunotherapy again for milk.

This means proactively attempting to desensitize his life-threatening milk allergy by giving it to him orally in a very strategic and methodical system under the supervision of our doctor.

Do not do this at home without professional consultation and help.

We share the progress of our desensitizing adventure inside our membership as we pray it works and inspires you all!

Our Allergy Lifestyle 

Here are a few tidbits about what we have done in our food allergy family.

  • We live in the city, within 10 minutes of the hospital, even though we own land in the country.
  • We home school even though we live just 4 blocks from the neighborhood school.
  • My son didn’t eat food prepared by anyone except us until OIT at age 12.

Some of our life choices are unconventional, and we are always adjusting how we do things.

We are actually now huge fans of Disney Chefs and travel more than we ever did. 

But each allergy family must make their own choices based on their own comfort levels and circumstances.

We do not judge anyone’s decisions about how to lovingly keep their allergic children safe and happy.

Let’s Do This Together!

If you are ready for food allergy life to be less stressful and a whole lot better…

be sure to plug into all the support here at Milk Allergy Mom!

We have a Facebook community of nearly 15,000,

a group on Facebook just for dairy-free shopping, 

free recipes in email each week,

and even an online support group of over 200 families!

Together, it’s better. And we can do this, welcome!

Join the Milk Allergy Mom community today.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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