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Encouragement for Food Allergy Moms


Hello mama friend, I’m so glad you stopped in today.

If you’re looking for some encouragement for your food allergy adventure,

you’re in the right place.  

At Milk Allergy Mom, we love to help!

I’ve been a food allergy mom for over 15 years.

Still, some days are harder than others, but one thing is true.

It gets easier with time and experience.

And when you’ve got a supportive community behind you, it’s even better!

Here, we’ve been building the positive, encouraging community I wish I had over a decade ago.

And we’d love for you to be part of it.

The first thing to know, friend, is you’re not alone.

I get messages from stressed new allergy moms all the time.

I promise, it’s not just you. Take a look:


“I found your blog through Google and noticed you had a Facebook page as well. I’m a tad overwhelmed at the moment and I’m so thankful I found you. My one year old son was just diagnosed yesterday with a dairy/milk allergy. I don’t even know where to begin. Is there anyway you can help me? It’s all new to me. I would appreciate it so much.”


“I came across your site when I was doing more research on allergies. My daughter was diagnosed 2 months ago with very severe cases of milk, egg, and dust mite allergies. I have no one to really talk to who knows what I’m going through or the anxiety I feel…I need advice. How do you cope? Milk is in everything!”

Does this sound familiar?

See, my friend, the stress you’re feeling is completely normal.

Sadness and grief over a new diagnosis.

Overwhelm about how to feed your child.

Confusion over how to change your lifestyle.

These feelings are all normal for new food allergy mamas,

but hear this…

it does get better.

So let me encourage you today. 

I’m Jamie, a 15-year food allergy mom myself.

I acquired this title when people didn’t know what food allergies were,

when labeling laws were just emerging,

before vegan was popular,

and when the statistic was that most kids would outgrow milk allergies by age 2.

Obviously, that didn’t happen for us, go figure. 

It was a rough start for this new mom, no doubt about it.

But online blogging was just becoming a thing,

and I quickly realized I needed an online community for support.

I looked for local support, but I seemed to be the lone ranger.

Hence, this blog called Milk Allergy Mom was born in 2008.

Through this website, it’s always been my goal to provide exactly what I wished my family had right after our diagnosis, 

help that makes allergy life less stressful and a whole lot better.

And one of the first things I needed, was a quick list of advice to propel me forward.

Here’s what I wish someone had told me all those years ago to set me up for success.  


3 Food Allergy Tips for Moms




Feelings of fear and anxiety are perfectly normal.

But the anxiety should get better as you learn, practice, and fall into a new life routine.

It helps to balance fear with looking on the bright side.

So limit your time online to people and organizations that help you best.

And please, don’t hesitate to seek professional therapy if the overwhelm does not get better.


Start with real foods. 

Then look into safe, mainstream processed foods.

Next, decide what specialty foods you’re willing to spend money on…like dairy free cheese, yogurt, and pizza.

After you taste some dairy-free foods, decide if your whole family will change their diet.

Then learn how to start cooking allergy-free.

After your head clears, narrow down your shopping system and your budget to save time and money. 


Stay inspired and keep learning from legitimate allergy sources.

Find a true support system locally and/or online.

Keep fine-tuning and adapting your food allergy lifestyle.

Find an allergist who will help you meet your life goals safely.

Be encouraged that this may just be a season.

And know that no matter what, this is do-able and you’re going to do a great job. 




There are many ways to get plugged in at Milk Allergy Mom.

We can’t wait to join your adventure and help! 

Get Recipes: allergy-friendly, simple, kid-approved recipes right to email

Shop Milk-Free: our dairy-free shopping Facebook group, no distractions

Join Our Tribe: our online member video library and support group!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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