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Peanut Butter Sandwich Toddler Lunch Tray


Welcome to our blog series, Milk-Free Lunch Kids Love!

We created these posts based on reader questions about what to make for allergy-friendly lunch.

And we understand…

the lunch rut is real!

But we can help. 

Most of our lunches are made at home,

hence the fun lunch trays.

But many of these lunches can be packed for school, too!

These are foods that my boys just don’t tire of, 

despite my youngest being uber-picky.

Below are some helpful tips and what’s on today’s dairy-free lunch tray.

Hope you’re inspired!


If you can’t do peanut butter, try your favorite nut or seed butter.

There are so many ways to eat peanut (or nut or seed) butter protein. Add honey, bananas, jam, or have it plain!

Our favorite natural peanut butter without sugar is Smucker’s. Check labels for yourself, of course.

Peanut, seed, and nut butters are so handy because they don’t need refrigerated.

Doing a half-fold on sandwiches is great for little toddler hands.


Please check all labels for yourself, but these brands are working for us right now.


Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Baby Carrots

Dairy-Free Yogurt


Plain Oreos


For fun trays, check out Amazon. (affiliate)  

We also have a list of favorite lunch supplies for your convenience, as well. 

Happy lunching!

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We’re in this together!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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