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No-Bake Cheesecake Parfaits Dairy-Free

I recently got pumped up to make a dairy-free cheesecake,

but then it dawned on me that I’ve never even made a dairy cheesecake.

Maybe I would be better off baby-stepping into this serious endeavor.

Oh, and I don’t even own a spring form pan so uh…

How about parfaits?

That might work!

Easy peasy for mom and layered in see-through glass always impresses!

This I could do.

These turned out delicious, required no baking, and were certainly loved by the whole family.

We will be making these again,

and I may never even try to make a dairy-free cheesecake.

Why bother! 


Makes 4 small servings.

1 8 oz. Container of Dairy-Free Cream Cheese

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 tsp. Dairy-Free Milk

2 Tbs. Sugar

4 Large Graham Crackers 

1 Tb Dairy-Free Butter Melted 

Berries and/or Dairy-Free Chocolate Chips 

Blend cream cheese, milk, and sugar together.  

Crush graham crackers and mix into melted butter.  

Layer graham cracker mixture, cheese mixture, and berries/chocolate chips as desired.  

Chill in refrigerator for 15 minutes before serving.  


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Sunday 19th of March 2017

Wow. Thank you.

Jamie Kaufmann

Sunday 19th of March 2017

You're welcome!

Jamie Kaufmann

Thursday 5th of September 2013

Thanks Alisa. :)

Alisa @ Go Dairy Free

Wednesday 4th of September 2013

Such a fun idea Jamie!

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