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Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers

Would you like cheese with that?

I know safe cheeseburgers are hard to come by when you manage milk allergy. 

But this allergy mama has some tricks up her sleeve.

Be sure to see our new favorite frozen burger patties below!

Dairy Free Cheeseburgers

When my kiddo was first diagnosed with a milk allergy,

and we were advised to stay away from fast food…

hubby and I were a bit devastated that quick drive-thru food wasn’t going to be part of our life for awhile. 

Although in hindsight, we lived just fine without it. And so did my waistline. 

But as our kiddos got a little older, they started wanting hamburgers just like their friends. 

And of course like good parents, we made these safe and fun at home.

And the kiddos were happy. 

We’d buy ground burger, make it into patties, flavor with seasoning salt, and grill those babies up. 

Served them up on dairy-free buns. But always watch for milk in buns, you’ll be surprised how many brands contain milk.

Then when dairy-free cheese slices became available, 

we knew milk-free cheeseburgers were definitely a must!

Hubby and I certainly missed our cheeseburgers. 

But a funny thing happened, my kids didn’t even really love cheeseburgers. 

Although, they were pretty cute eating them, don’t you think? lol 

When given the option, both my boys now will opt for hamburgers. No dairy-free cheese needed.

But always add the pickle! My silly kids will only eat Aldi pickles. Ha ha. 

What’s even more funny, however, is that hubby and I have lost our love for cheeseburgers, too! 

It’s amazing how your palette can change when you do things differently for awhile. 

Hubs will do weird things like eat avocado burgers, instead. 

And well, I’m a huge fan of no bun with dairy-free ranch

Sure, lettuce and tomato are allowed, too. 

But see how we can custom make our burgers when we eat them at home? 

The one thing we all agree on is that burgers are tastiest when we grill the inside of the buns with dairy-free butter.

Simply place the buttered buns, butter side down, onto a hot griddle just until they brown. 

Mmmmmm, they taste restaurant style.

Now we all say, dad makes the best burgers right at home. Our favorite place to eat them. 


What I want to share next, though, is a mighty fine shortcut we’ve discovered in recent years.

Although homemade burgers are always our favorite, 

we now keep these frozen burger patties stocked for quick dinners.

You know, almost like going through the drive through. 

These Ballpark burgers have worked for our food allergies, and I’ll show you the ingredients below. 

They are juicy, flavorful, and so easy. No need to make patties by hand. 

Dairy Free Hamburgers


We conveniently grab this bag of frozen beef patties on our Walmart pick-up order

Below are the ingredients shown on our bag.

Always double-check labels for yourself, though, as ingredients can change. 



We hope you get to enjoy dairy-free hamburgers, cheeseburgers, ranch burgers, avocado burgers, and so on as much as we do!

Here’s the Ballpark website for more info. 

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