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Natural Christmas Candy Dairy-Free


Imagine a one-stop-shop for dairy-free, allergy-friendly, natural candy…

shipped right to your door!

We have one!

The kids have come to expect these special treats in their stockings and thankfully Santa always delivers.

And hey, each order comes with free samples that I enjoy for myself, like maple syrup candy!

The online store prides themselves on no artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives.

And they have a whole allergy-friendly line.

You can even narrow your search by specific allergies or dietary needs.

Ingredients for each candy are conveniently listed so you can check everything before you buy.

Of course, double check labels when they arrive, too. 

Pictured are some of my favorite dairy-free, allergy-friendly candies for Christmas that we are ordering.

All natural candy canes are the best!

I simply can’t eat normal candy canes, anymore.

Even the red dye is natural and the minty flavor is subtle and perfect.

Foil wrapped allergy-friendly chocolate? Amazing!

Always check labels for yourself, of course

Hope you find the perfect allergy-friendly stocking stuffers this year!

Here’s our referral link, enjoy!


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