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Backyard Summer Party With Water Balloon Pinatas!

backyard water party


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Welcome to Milk Allergy Mom!

We never dreamed this post from a hot, frugal birthday party years ago would still be making its rounds on the interwebs,

but it’s been a pleasure sharing this special memory and popular water balloon piñata idea with so many of you.

Thanks for stopping in!

When our first son turned five,

we invited several families to a local park for a low-key treasure hunt party.

Our house wasn’t big so we decided outdoor space would accommodate guests better. 

Then for our second son’s big number five,

the pressure was on to host another spectacular outdoor party.

And by “spectacular”, I mean carve aside $50 and get creative!

Seriously, this wet and wildly fun birthday bash cost all of fifty dollars on my shoestring budget.

But the memories are absolutely priceless.

Here’s how we hosted ten kiddos and their mamas for an unforgettable backyard water party.


Knowing July would be brutally hot outside,

we decided a WATER party in our own backyard was the perfect way to save money AND stay cool.

And that we did.

The ten kids had so much fun together.

Surprisingly, they didn’t even complain about the heat and actually begged to stay longer.

Although, I can’t say the same for the moms, ha ha!

I can’t blame them, though, as the temps neared 100 degrees that day!

Maybe we need squirt bottles next time to keep the moms cool. 

Thank goodness for a shade tree where adults congregated in comfy chairs while the kids ran around like crazy people.

The party lasted two hours, just enough time for a bunch of kindergartners to wear themselves out.  

Here are tips and ideas from the party with convenient affiliate links below.

We hope this helps you have a blast in your own backyard, too!



Cute water party invitations kicked off the festivities.

Then when the children arrived, they all got a pair of goggles with their names in Sharpie…good for the next thing I’m about to show you.


backyard water party


The shaving cream pool!

Make sure you have a can for each kiddo, they will go through it all.

The kids absolutely loved this and covered themselves over and over.

Shaving cream, rinse, repeat.



They had so much fun rinsing off shaving cream in a simple sprinkler.



But hey, washing off in the slip-n-slide works just as well!


There was also a lot of bubble-blowing going on.



And finger-painting on a roll of art paper attached to a fence for our aspiring Picaso’s.



We also filled water balloons



for a water balloon toss game and water balloon fight.




Watermelon wedges, finger PBJ’s, and Lay’s chips were served for snacks.

Perhaps use sunflower seed butter if there are peanut allergies to consider.



Colored kool-aid ice cubes in Sprite totally impressed the kids.



Milk-free and egg-free cupcake cones were also a huge hit.

 I decorated them with light blue icing topped with gummy Lifesavers for rafts.

Kids always love cake in a cone, and we didn’t need one single utensil for this party!


Thoughtful gifts from family and friends were opened outside.

And my personal favorite,

the water balloon piñatas,

made for a bright, cheery decoration.


water balloon pinata party



We broke the colorful piñatas as the grand finale, and of course the kids loved this part the best.


water balloon pinatas


There were enough water balloon piñatas for each kiddo to break one.

Nobody could miss out on the excitement of whacking a hanging water balloon with a stick!

However, we did have the kiddos line up and take turns.

One flying stick at a time, safety first!

These kiddos were about age five and blindfolds weren’t necessary.

It was challenge enough to break the water balloons with a broom stick, eyes wide open.

And trust me, the fun of getting splashed with a hanging water balloon left no kid wishing for candy instead.

No worries, though. We did hand out allergy-friendly Swedish Fish as the little guests left.

They were cutely packaged in small see-through cellophane bags tied with a red ribbon.

The perfect way to say thanks for coming to my party. 

Plus, the kids also got to take their goggles home as a fun souvenir.

I just love practical party favors! Don’t you?

Undoubtedly, this was a day our family won’t ever forget.

My little guy still talks about it with his friends nearly a decade later. He’s not so little anymore. 

And we moms still laugh about how darn hot it got.

I hope you get to beat the heat with your own backyard water party, complete with water balloon piñatas, very soon!

Be sure to check out our simple Minecraft birthday party, too.

It was another fabulously frugal outdoor summer party that was also a hit with the kids.

A big thank-you to:

All You Magazine

Buzz Feed

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Quirky Mama

for featuring our fun, inexpensive outdoor activities.

We appreciate the shares!

If you’re looking to plan something similar,

our party supplies are affiliate linked below for your convenience.


Check out Milk Allergy Mom Membership for the best food allergy support!


backyard water games


water balloon pinatas

Original Post 7/19/12

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