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Frosting & Sprinkles by Pillsbury

dairy free pillsbury frosting


PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information.

For years now,

we milk allergy moms have relied on a certain special brand for frosting all our dairy-free and egg-free cakes

And you know…we allergy mamas make a LOT of homemade cake. 

If you aren’t afraid of a little food coloring, 

can have soy, 

and love an awesome shortcut, 

be sure to check out Pillsbury’s Funfetti frostings in a tub!


dairy free pillsbury frosting

It was the first dairy-free frosting I found as a new allergy mom…

that didn’t have to be frosting made from scratch,

and I’ve always been excited when new flavors and colors come out. 

Please note, some Pillsbury frostings have contained milk before so please do check labels every time.

But here’s the really fun part.

Pillsbury Funfetti Frostings come with sprinkles in the lids, too! 

And we use them all the time, for all kinds of treats. 

In fact, Pillsbury makes our popular dairy-free and egg-free confetti cake recipe possible!

Not only is Pillsbury adding several colors of frosting,

but they also have dairy-free chocolate and dairy-free cream cheese frosting.

Again, double check labels…but holy moly!

So far, these have been a milk allergy dream-come-true. 

dairy free pillsbury frosting

I also love that we can find seasonal dairy-free Funfetti icings. 

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter…

keep your eyes open for those!

They can make holiday baking so much easier and more fun. 

Like these chocolate covered pretzels,

chocolate covered marshmallows,

and atop hot cocoa with dairy-free whip!

I also loved these heart sprinkles in February. xo

Below are several more colors and sprinkles you’re gonna love!

dairy free pillsbury frosting


Here’s our favorite for milk-free and egg-free confetti cake!

Or see our chocolate donuts with sprinkles!



I used the purple Funfetti for my niece’s mermaid cupcakes!

dairy free pillsbury frosting


We did the blue Funfetti fish sprinkles for kiddo’s outdoor water party.


dairy free pillsbury frosting


The pink icing and sugar sprinkles worked great for my niece’s unicorn cupcakes. 


dairy free pillsbury frosting


Love these pastel sprinkles for our birthday cake donuts!


dairy free pillsbury frosting


So fun, right?! 

See more dairy-free Pillsbury Funfetti Frostings and Sprinkles here

And let us know what cutesy dairy-free and egg-free treat you make with them. 

We’d love to hear!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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