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Delightful Strawberry Pie


This Memorial Day, my awesome mother-in-law surprised us all with a delicious, dairy-free strawberry pie.

Our son had never had one before!

And yes, it was as delicious as it looks.

I asked her for her recipe,

and she told me to Google Shoney’s Strawberry Pie.

So I did, and it looks pretty darn easy!

The filling is already dairy-free.

And she used her normal pie crust recipe found in our apple pie post.

It’s dairy-free, as well.

Top this baby with some dairy-free whip cream,

and you’ve officially arrived in strawberry heaven.

I know my family would love for me to make this again soon.

Hope you get to try strawberry pie, too!

Recipe below.

vegan strawberry pie recipe

Here’s the Shoney’s Strawberry Pie recipe.

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