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Our TV Interview On Milk Allergy Desensitization

Milk Allergy Treatment News Story

Allergy friends, I’m going to be honest here.

When we decided to try milk desensitization after eleven years of strict avoidance only making our numbers go up, I wanted to keep it a secret, take a break at Milk Allergy Mom, and focus on the unpredictable journey ahead of us.

After all, there were plenty of recipes here on the website to continue helping our community if you needed them.

Finding out if my pre-teen son could successfully desensitize his life-threatening food allergy was our top priority. Potentially making new foods with milk and researching new restaurants was going to take extra time, margin, and effort.

As good timing would have it, though, our son had his first milk challenge just six months after starting the Milk Allergy Mom Private Support Group. The support of that group was tremendous in helping me muster up the courage for this big step!

So when he passed that first challenge, we couldn’t wait to share our success with our allergy friends! My kiddo gave me permission to tell about it in our private group where there was less pressure, more understanding, and encouraging friendship. And I hopped on live video 30 minutes after the first challenge with our awesome news!

I also got his permission to share just a bit in our public Facebook page with a few pictures because I just knew milk allergy moms everywhere need some inspiration!

Milk Allergy OIT News Story

Let’s face it. So many times when allergy bloggers try treatments, we don’t hear much about it.

However, after prayer and family talks, we decided this had to be shared.

The good, the bad, and the ugly along the way.

We took a leap of faith exposing the details of this new, exciting, cutting edge journey with our most avid followers.

And we are so glad we did and continue to do so.

They encourage us as much as we encourage them!

Now we are four food challenges in with still more to go.

If you are not in the MAM group, you may be interested to know that we aren’t doing the typical milk OIT protocol with liquid milk.

Instead, we’ve chosen a slower route with food challenges and more gradual food freedom.

This is a very individualized treatment, and not many allergists are doing it yet.

We will be sharing more about that soon so if you’re looking for an OIT allergist who does this, stay tuned!

We will keep you posted in our newsletter

With all this said, we pray our story inspires you to never give up hope for food freedom.

We are so thankful for our local news covering the topic of food allergy desensitization in this special report and sharing our success so far.

Now here’s the full television interview, hope you’re inspired!



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