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Favorite High Speed Blender for Food Allergy Families

High-speed blenders. A total God-send for food allergy families, and yes…worth the money!

But what brand to buy? I tried a few before settling on a Vitamix (affiliate), and I couldn’t be happier.

The Kitchen Aid definitely wasn’t the quality of my Kitchen Aid Mixer.

The Ninja didn’t fit under my upper kitchen cabinets, ACK!

The Breville was nice, but didn’t blend smooth enough in my opinion.

The Vitamix, finally, performed like I dreamed a high-priced, high-powered blender should.

And it’s the only one that I feel truly “self-cleaned”.

We’ve happily used our Vitamix regularly now for 3 years.

Favorite Things We Make in Our Vitamix

Green Monster Smoothies (my kids are addicted)

Creamy Potato Soup (no thickening required)

Banana Ice Cream (just one ingredient)

Celery Juice: celery, water, ice, apple

Grinding in the Vitamix

I also love to grind grains such as flax seeds and oats in my Vitamix.

Ground flax makes a wonderful egg replacement.

And ground oats work as wheat-free oat flour.

I also recently figured out that I can make my own powdered sugar by simply grinding white sugar in my Vitamix. Mind. Blown!

Where to Buy Vitamix

If you’re a lazy shopper like me, you can have this monster machine shipped right to your door from Amazon (affiliate). This is interesting, it looks like they even have a payment plan option.

If you’re looking be a little more thrifty about this important purchase, you can opt for a refurbished Vitamix (affiliate) on Amazon. Cool beans!

You can use Ibotta rebate money to earn free Amazon gift cards!

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