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5 Easy Milk & Egg Free Cake Recipes

Our #1 blog posts for 13 years now compiled in one easy place.

Dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free cake recipes!

Whether for birthday, holiday, or midnight snack…you’ll enjoy every bite!

5 Dairy-Free & Egg-Free Cake Recipes that are EASY!


For over 10 years, food allergy moms have loved our milk-free and egg-free cake recipes.

Thank you, friends!

We love them, too.

Sentimentally, these recipes were my sons’ first birthday cakes and honestly, have been every birthday cake since then.

Thirteen years of birthday cakes for four family members.

Now that’s a TRADITION!

My husband LOVES the chocolate cake.

My sons really like the confetti cake.

My egg allergic niece requests Aunt Jamie’s vanilla cake.

And me personally? I’m in for the microwave mug cake at midnight after the kids go to bed. No birthday needed, HA!

So after a decade, I thought it would be fun to easily guide you to ALL the simple cake here at Milk Allergy Mom.

And we hope it makes your day!

What’s great about these recipes?

They can be made into cupcakes, pan cakes, or layered round cakes.

Total versatility.

I’ve done all three!

Although, as you can see from the photos, cupcakes are always my favorite because they are easier to decorate for parties.

Hubby prefers the double-layered round cakes, however, and it’s definitely fun to mix things up.

These recipes have got you covered for all the options.

Here we go!


Let’s start with the original Milk Allergy Mom cake, the chocolate cake recipe that kicked off this blog many, many years ago.

I had no idea for years that hundreds of people read this blog post and recipe, apparently blogs have stats, ha ha.

We recently snapped a new picture for y’all. What’s not to love about chocolate? 🙂

Here’s the recipe:

See Chocolate Cake Recipe


And after you have chocolate cake, it’s time to master vanilla, am I right?

When my niece turned one, my sister knew who to turn to for milk-free and egg-free cake.

She also needed it to be corn-free and soy-free so I made the frosting from scratch.

I used corn-free powdered sugar and soy-free butter.

Then when she turned 5, I got to make her mermaid cupcakes!!!

A boy mom’s dream-come-true. She could then have corn and soy.

Here’s our vanilla version! Be sure to click to also see our favorite Easter Bunny Cupcakes!

See Vanilla Cake Recipe


Next up, let’s add some confetti to that vanilla cake!

After all, everything is better with confetti. True?

If you have a favorite chunky sprinkle, this is so easy to do.

We use the sprinkles on Pillsbury cans of frosting, they contain soy.

But perhaps you have another favorite sprinkle brand that works for your allergies.

This again is my kids’ favorite version of mama’s milk-free and egg-free cake.

Here’s the recipe:

See Confetti Cake Recipe


Now how about cake for one?

How about quick cake because you’re running out the door to a birthday party and need safe cake to take for your kiddo?


Our microwave 1 minute microwave mug cake!

It’s of course dairy-free and egg-free.

And ok, the picture is a ramekin cake. Not a mug.

But it’s the same, I promise!

I’m a ramekin addict, self-professed.

Whittling down our popular chocolate recipe to this microwave version was super fun.

Hope you love this mini version!

Remember, midnight snack!

See Mug Cake Recipe


Speaking of mini versions…

We heard your cry for a milk-free and egg-free cake pop recipe.

I get it.

Starbucks is fun!

I wish I could buy my allergy kiddo a cake pop, too.

So one Christmas we got to it, and experimented with a cake pop recipe you would love.

We tried white chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate. Lots of sprinkles.

And this is the best allergy-friendly version we came up with.

As you can see, I skipped the sticks, lol. Shame on me!

But if you read the post, you’ll learn why.

You always have permission to take the lazy route with me.

Here are the pops! Or bites as I now call them. Taste the same, either way.

See Cake Pop Recipe


What’s cake without frosting!

Although, our chocolate cake recipe is traditionally just sprinkled with powdered sugar…

we have some milk-free and egg-free frosting recipes for you, too.

Check these out, they are as easy as the cake.

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Mocha Fudge Frosting Recipe

5 Cake Recipes No Milk or Egg


Or maybe you prefer frosting from a tub.

Then you are my hubby!

Nah, he likes homemade, too.

But here are some store-bought options that may work for you!

Organic Frosting

Mainstream Frosting



Thank you so much, friends, for loving our easy cake recipes.

Milk-free? Egg-free? No problem!

We got you covered with lots of yummy, simple baking recipes here.

If you like what you see, be sure to sign up for our weekly recipes in email!

Thanks for pins and shares that spread the word about allergy-friendly cake for our kiddos with food allergies. xo


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Saturday 16th of November 2019

My husband recently found he is allergic to all seafood & milk, so looking for some tasty new recipes since we are both going 100% dairy free, thank you!!

Jamie Kaufmann

Saturday 16th of November 2019

I'm allergic to seafood, Alexis. We are happy to help! Just head to milkallergymom.com to get plugged into our community! Let's make it official. ;)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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