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Not Fried Ice Cream Dairy-Free VIDEO

Dairy-Free Not Fried Ice Cream


My husband’s family used to frequent a Mexican restaurant back in the 90’s.

And ordering fried ice cream for dessert was part of the tradition.

So when the fam decided to have Mexican Night one recent Sunday…

fried ice cream was on the menu.

Of course, with milk allergy, my kiddo couldn’t eat uncle’s ice cream creations.

Hubby got to work making our own dairy-free fried ice cream…

and it was a hit!

He used a recipe that doesn’t actually call for frying.

Easy peasy.

And compared to his brother’s recipe, it also didn’t call for baking the coating.

Easy peasier!

See the recipe below.

And see our video in this post to learn what dairy-free products we used to top the ice cream.


We used So Delicious coconut ice cream as the base.

Dairy-Free Not Fried Ice Cream

Here we coated the ice cream with the recipe mixture.

No bake. No fry.

Dairy-Free Not Fried Ice Cream

For dairy-free whipped cream, we used Reddi Whip canned coconut whipped cream.

Dairy-Free Not Fried Ice Cream

Additional toppings included Hershey syrup, honey, cinnamon, and a cherry on top.


Not Fried Ice Cream Dairy Free!


Wanna freeze some for later?

These homemade ice cream storage containers with nearly five stars look great! (affiliate link)

Here is the recipe hubby used from Bigger Bolder Baking.

Hope you get to try this yummy dairy-free, not fried ice cream soon, too!



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