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Air Fryer Ease for Food Allergy Families




Hey all, I finally got an air fryer! (affiliate)

Compliments of my in-laws for Christmas. 

Yep, Dr. Bob. 🙂 

We were blessed with a 7 quart family size, 

which is already proving very handy! 

If we are trying to save time, we certainly don’t want to cook in batches. 

And let’s just say, hubby is rocking this little gift! lol

I call it the gift that keeps on giving…

hubs is doing the cooking. 


We will definitely be posting our dairy-free, allergy-friendly air fryer meals soon. 

Pork chops, fries, nuggets, potato skins, hamburgers…

we’ve already had some great experiments. 

Everything turned out great.  


less mess

less smelly kitchen

less standing over the food

less clean-up

healthier food better than traditional fryer

crispy texture better than oven

energy efficient compared to oven

heats up leftovers without the sog

frees up time to cook other dishes


We did hesitate to get one mostly because of the size. 

I am a super minimalist when it comes to kitchen gadgets. 

As in, we don’t have an instant pot. 

BUT, even this family size fit perfectly in the corner of our kitchen counter. 

And now it’s a permanent fixture!

I thought we’d put it away when not in use, 

but like my Kitchen Aid Mixer, it’s becoming a part of the family, lol. 

Now while we think it’s not saving actual cook time on the dish in the fryer, 

it’s true we don’t have to stand over the food and tend to it. 

This frees us time to work on other dishes to go with your air fryer meal. 

That I like. 

Because I do get so frazzled in the kitchen with multiple pots and pans going. 

Let’s just say, 5pm is not my power hour, ha ha!

So when hubby finally does hand over the air fryer reigns, 

I think I’ll be ready. 

He’s really priming me with all these yummy dishes! 

I think potato skins are my top fave so far. 

Again, we will be sharing our air fryer experiments with our email subscribers and in our membership. 

So make sure you grab yourself an air fryer (affiliate) and join me for the fun




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