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Favorite Dairy-Free Coffee Creamers

Milk Allergy Moms unite!

It’s time to talk dairy-free coffee creamer. 

dairy free coffee creamers

PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information before consuming.

I’m calling together this important meeting, 

because I know one of the first things we milk allergy moms think about…

is our little one pulling our dairy-laden coffee down onto themselves. 

Or worst yet, taking a sip of mommy’s coffee and creamer. 

SO, many of us move to dairy-free coffee creamer even if we may not be dairy-free ourselves. 

It’s been such a popular question at Milk Allergy Mom over the years…

what dairy-free coffee creamer is best?

Well actually, thirteen years ago the question was, 

does dairy-free coffee creamer exist? HA!

But having been at this long enough, 

I’m proud to say, YES!

Yes it does!

There are now PLENTY of dairy-free coffee creamers to choose from. 

And we aren’t even scratching the surface in this blog post. 

But hey, we’ll have you off to a good start. 

And you will learn MY very favorite creamer so that’s important, right?  Ha ha. 

No doubt about it, mommy needs her coffee. 

And we won’t sacrifice our cream. 

So let’s get to it and see some options that may be safer around our kiddos with milk allergy. 


First up is the pioneer of dairy-free creamer. 

I do believe this is the first option I ever found a decade ago. 

It worked.

And I’ve always loved it as the perfect ingredient for our homemade dairy-free ice cream.

That’s because it’s unsweetened, and I can control the sugar content in our ice cream when I use it. 

I find brand this at Hy-Vee.

But for mommy’s coffee, I like sweet. 

So let’s keep going.


Ok, so some of you may LIKE unsweetened coffee. 

And for you coconut lovers, 

you may like this.

Just 5 simple ingredients, not bad!

Again, another great option for homemade ice cream.

But I digress.

Dairy Free Coffee Creamer


I know, pea creamer sounds interesting…

if not hilarious.

But trust me, this brand is legit.

This is another unsweetened option. 

And they make my kids’ favorite chocolate milk.

My husband says this is the closest thing to real dairy.

And dang, it’s pretty healthy.

This may be your top pick!

I find it at Hy-Vee or the health store.


Now we get to the good stuff. 



Come to mama.

But before you judge me, I don’t put added sugar in my coffee.

I just let some sweet creamer do the magic.

This is a great option, found at Target.

Just 7 simple ingredients and a larger container.

Who’s in for French vanilla?


Alright, judge me now.

This one is my favorite.

Not organic, not 7 ingredients, not healthy.

But dang it’s so good.

And when I use this creamer, 

I drink my whole cup of coffee. 

I love to bring this along for parties and such…

it’s inexpensive enough to share and keeps the milk allergy kiddos out of harm’s way.

I grab this at County Market.

So there you have it, folks. 

Now you know I like sweet coffee. 

Not too sweet but not black enough to give me heartburn. 

Know what I mean?

On another note, check out these coffee creamer singles for your purse.

And lastly, I also use dairy-free coffee creamers to make delicious dairy-free homemade lattes. YUMMY!

PS: I listed no almond creamer here because I can’t do almond. But they do exist!

See this post from my friend Alisa at Go Dairy Free for more options. 

Cheers to you, milk allergy mom. 

Hope this post helps you doctor up your beloved coffee, dairy-free style.

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Tuesday 16th of August 2022

Thank you for this! Just found out I can't use casein A1 milk products , or anything with Almonds!

Jamie Kaufmann

Tuesday 6th of September 2022

You are welcome, Cindy. Cheers!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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