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Milk Allergy Mom Membership Testimonials (VIDEO)


So you’ve been hearing about Milk Allergy Mom Membership. 

How over 200 families are finding the best help, hope, and fun for their food allergy adventure. 

How research allergists, top allergy leaders, and myself are there by your side. 

How this is the very best support that your family deserves. 

But sometimes it helps to hear it from the members!

Meet Kristen!

Kristen has been with us for a few years. My kiddos have loved meeting her son in person, states away, and eating Disney meals together!

Milk Allergy Mom Membership has given Kristen courage on this journey. We are so happy for this family!


Meet Jennifer!

My kiddos also love hanging out with Jennifer’s son online, through Minecraft, since they met through membership a year ago. 

Milk Allergy Mom Membership has given Jennifer life-chaning peace-of-mind on this journey. We love this family!


Milk Allergy Mom Membership is open!

What are you waiting for, mama? No regrets…

Join over 200 allergy friends in this together. 


Don’t have a must-have allergy binder yet?

Enroll in our free Allergy Binder Challenge below!


Any questions? Email Jamie at info@milkallergymom.com.

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