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Favorite Dairy-Free Butter

Need to make a recipe dairy-free?

Don’t forget to choose butter without milk!

Here are favorite brands we’ve been using for years. 

dairy free butter


PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information before consuming.

Dairy-free butter substitutes…wow there are so many more these days!

And we thought it was time to finally share our favorites.

For years and years, 

I’ve been subbing dairy-free butter into recipes with great success. 

There are only a few times the taste or texture has been a little iffy. 

For instance, dairy-free butter in chocolate chip cookies is best paired with equal part shortening. 

And sometimes coconut oil instead of dairy-free butter can be delicious, 

like in these rice crispy treats

But generally, we love using our favorite brands of dairy-free butter in most recipes. 

We even have some soy-free options and a pea-free option for those who need them. 

Let’s get started!


Some save the best for last.

But not me!

Our top pick for dairy-free butter is Melt. 

It’s also soy-free and pea protein free. 

But check labels for yourself, ingredients can change!

dairy and soy free butter

What has most endeared me to this company is their awesome customer service.

When I called to ask about processing,

the person who answered the phone knew all the allergy information I was looking for.

They are the first company who’s ever told me they have a separate allergy-friendly room in a factory.

But be sure to call the company yourself as that information could now be outdated.

I hope they are still as friendly as they were to me!

The Melt brand can be hard to find, right now I have our local health store stocking it. 

They also offer dairy-free butter sticks, which are great for my milk and egg free cinnamon rolls

Here are the ingredients on our tub of Melt dairy-free butter. 

But please check labels for yourself as ingredients can change. 

dairy and soy free butter



When we were first diagnosed with milk allergy 13 years ago, 

I was ecstatic to find Parkay Squeeze Margarine was dairy-free. 

It was our very first dairy-free butter.

We used it for years, great for oatmeal and toast! 

Check labels yourself, we haven’t used Parkay for a long time.

dairy free butter


In the good old days, when I needed something more solid than squeeze margarine, 

Fleischmann’s Unsalted Margarine Sticks surprisingly fit the bill.

We didn’t have dairy-free butter in a tub,

but we made the sticks work for everything we needed. 

Be sure to check ingredients, we haven’t used Fleischmann’s for awhile. 


Earth Balance dairy-free butter is probably one of the most popular vegan brands. 

They have several variations, including some soy-free options. 

Not all Earth Balance is soy-free so be sure to check labels.

dairy and soy free butter

I do love that Earth Balance is readily available, even at places like Walmart. 

And I pick up their dairy-free, soy-free butter sticks especially for baking.

Earth Balance also sells large bulk tubs of dairy-free buttery spread, albeit not soy-free.

Hy-Vee and Whole Foods are a couple places where I’ve seen the large tubs.

The bulk size is handy for our sweet potato casserole that uses quite a bit of butter. 

Here are the ingredients on our Earth Balance dairy-free butter sticks. 

Always check ingredients for yourself, they can change.

dairy and soy free butter


According to allergy moms in our Facebook pages,

there are a handful of new plant-based butters on the market.

Like Country Crock Plant Butter and Smart Balance Plant Butter

I assume the prices of these mainstream options would be pretty reasonable. 

Please make sure you grab the right variety from these brands and double check ingredients. 

I personally have not tried them with my milk allergy son…

because in our family, once we find brands we like…

we don’t experiment a whole lot. 

It’s just a safety net we have in place, you may do the same?

If you love any other dairy-free butter brands, please let us know in the comments!

Or let us know which of these you like the best. We’d love to hear.


Love chatting dairy-free food finds? Join our Milk Allergy Mom Product Talk Group on Facebook! All products, all the time. No distractions. 


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