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Daily Planner for Food Allergy Moms

Friend, managing food allergies takes a lot of mental effort.

And chances are your days feel stressful and overwhelming.

I can relate. So I created something to help us both!

5 Minute Daily Mindset Journal


After going through my own trauma counseling for over a year, 

and hearing from our Milk Allergy Mom Members these past two years, 

it was time to help myself and fellow allergy mamas take back our sanity, rest, and calm. 

I heard from you that two main things need to happen in your day…

Taking time for yourself to recharge. 

And allergy-safe dinner for your family. 

Add to that a priority or two, and I finally realize this is enough each day.

Allergy moms like you and I need margin. 

Probably even EXTRA margin…because gosh darn, 

allergies are a lot. 

So have some grace with yourself this new year, mama. 

I created the Milk Allergy Mom 5-Minute Mindset Journal just for us. 

And it’s going to make your days, your weeks, and your year…

less stressful and a lot more restful. 

5 Minute Daily Mindset Journal


I created this journal not just for Type A moms, but for all food allergy moms.

It’s that simple. And it’s counselor-approved for even our most weary mamas.

Here’s the gist.

There’s a page for each week.

Decide your weekly theme for 5 minutes on Sundays.

Then there’s seven days of the week on each weekly page.  

Take 5 minutes each morning to write down what you want to accomplish in 4 categories that day:

your one top priority

a couple other might-do’s

a self-care activity of your choice

your dinner plan

And that’s it. 

One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, just do the next right thing. 

That’s the Milk Allergy Mom Motto, and it works. 

From stress to rest. From chaos to calm. Success!

And then you do it again the next day….because this is FUN when it’s easy. 

5-Minute Daily Mindset


Reflect on your past week in just 5 minutes.

There are 3 weekly reflection questions you’ll be able to answer easily.

No calendars, no habit tracking, no fluff. 

Just doing what needs to be done so you stay focused, restful, and calm (most days).

We got this! 


“I’m really excited for your journal, Jamie! I love how you have a weekly theme. It will be so good to look back and reflect on. xoxo!” Connie


The journal will come to you in email as a printable pdf and Google document.

The printable sheets include:

a cover


weekly sheet

Print 52 copies of the weekly sheet, and you will be set for the year!


Simply click the links that I email you. 

And print off the sheets in color or black and white. 

If you don’t have a printer, an office store can print them for you. 

Put the sheets together in one of these easy ways:



in a binder

in a folder

on a clipboard

Do what works for you. It’s flexible!

food allergy mom mindset


Right now the MAM Daily Mindset Journal is a free gift for our new Milk Allergy Mom Members. 

Then inside membership, we can do this together. 

You will find a 1-hour mindset motivation video with yours truly, to get you started. 

And you will have regular mindset check-in with the members to see how your journal is going!

Basically, we will do this alongside each other and hold each other accountable to simpler daily mindset…

making allergy life less stressful and more restful.

And having a ton of fun while doing it.


“In the car, just left Office Depot, and I have a Mindset Journal!! Thank you so much, Jamie Kaufmann, for this amazing gift!!” Jennifer


Any questions? Just email me at jamie@milkallergymom.com. I’m happy to help.

I can’t wait to help you find more rest for your days, your weeks, and your year. 

Let’s do this!

Free Mindset Journal With Membership!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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