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Stasher Silicone Food Bags in Teal

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Hey allergy friends, 

We have this silicone food bag and love it. 

So I wanted to pass on this fun deal today!

Not only are these Stasher food bags (affiliate) fun, 

but they are safe and easy. 

100% pure non-toxic silicone, self-sealing, non-plastic, BPA-free, no PVC, no latex. 

These are a great alternative to plastic sandwich bags and wash up in the dishwasher! #momdream

They are also safe for microwave, freezer, and boiling water up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Ok!



We have one of the snack bags in orange. But with today’s daily deal, my kids are vying for their own sandwich bags. 

And there’s a teal/turquoise option that can mark your food as allergy-friendly! 

I also like the clear ones so you can see through. 

But there’s a variety of colors, give each family member their own!

Great storage in my small house, as they store flat. 

I had to think twice about spending even the daily deal price on these, 

but really it’s just the cost of two boxes of plastic baggies. So I know we will come out ahead…

and so will the environment. 

Not to mention, TEAL! 

Here’s our affiliate link if you’d like to check them out. 

Let us know what you grab!



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