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Choose Your Cherry Pie

Dairy-free and egg-free cherry pie.
Here’s a great recipe your family will love, using frozen or fresh cherries.
Or if you’re short on time, we have some allergy-friendly store-bought options for you, too!
Cherry Pie Dairy Free

I know, I know…I won’t win any state fair ribbon for the looks of this cherry pie.

How does one connect the top and bottom crust to each other anyways? lol

But hey, I’m going to post this because my point here is that if I can make a pie,

anybody probably can. 😉

And it’s the taste that matters, right?

My hubby and kids love fruit pie and cherry is one of their favorites.

Especially with dairy-free vanilla ice cream and dairy-free whipped cream

In fact, it’s their request for Valentine’s Day this year.  

But where’s the chocolate?! 

homemade cherry pie

How to Make Cherry Pie 

For this pie, we often use cherries from grandma’s tree. 

She even freezes them for off-season. 

But I have also bought frozen cherries at the store. 

When using frozen cherries, thaw in the refrigerator until almost completely thawed. 

Then drain most of the juice, but keep a little. 

The recipe below then adds a little flour, sugar, and cinnamon to make your own cherry pie filling. 

For crust, we make it homemade with this pie crust recipe

However, if you prefer store-bought, here’s a pie crust we have found dairy-free before. 

Be sure to check ingredients, they can change. 



And if you prefer going store-bought all the way, here are two frozen dairy-free cherry pies!

I share my labels below, but be sure to double check labels for yourself.

We are having a 3-way taste test soon: homemade versus Banquet versus Marie Callender’s. 

Who will win? We’ll let you know. 

For the Marie Callender’s cherry pie, it’s a full size pie.

Marie Callender’s Cherry Pie

milk allergy mom fave

Marie Callender’s Ingredients

For the Banquet cherry berry pies we found, they were individual servings for $1!

Banquet Cherry Berry Pie

Banquet Ingredients



If you’re in the mood for homemade, 

see our video in this post.

Here’s the fresh cherry pie recipe I use.

Remember, if you’re using frozen cherries, thaw almost completely first and keep just a bit of the juice. 

Brush the top with dairy-free milk for milk allergy.

And I make a lattice top because I think it’s easier. 

Hope you get to enjoy dairy-free, egg-free cherry pie soon!


August 2016


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