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Chewing Gum by PUR


So much…we are asked what gum is dairy-free and allergy-friendly. 

And as is our practice here at Milk Allergy Mom, 

we have a few favorites and stick to them. 

No pun intended, ha!

I’m happy to share what’s worked for us over the years.

My personal fave is sugar-free and tooth-cleaning gum my kids actually love.

One of the best brands for us? 



It’s naturally sweetened with 100% xylitol. 

Vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut and peanut-free. Whoop!

High quality ingredients sourced from Europe.


My kids love the variety of flavors,

and we are starting to see the brand out and about with other mainstream gum. 

Check Walgreens, TJ Maxx, grocery stores, and PUR on Amazon. (affiliate) 

My boys both keep PUR gum in their backpacks and chew it regularly. 

And I don’t mind…sugar-free!

Not gonna lie, it’s served as tooth cleaning in the car when my kids tell me they forgot to brush their teeth. 

Oh dear, please tell me we aren’t the only ones. 

I’m convinced it’s helped with my kids’ teeth and our cavity-free streaks. 


PUR also has no aspartame, which I love. 

See ingredients below on our favorite flavor, Spearmint. 

Bubblegum is pretty fun, too. 

And my youngest always votes for cinnamon for his own backpack.

Try 6 flavors sold on Amazon! (affiliate)

See ingredient below. 

Hope you get to try vegan, dairy-free PUR gum soon!


Try these allergy-friendly gum pops, an alternative to blow pops. (affiliate)

Or for holidays, we love these all-natural gum balls. (affiliate)

This brand has sugar or sugar-free, natural dairy-free gum, no aspartame, in fun kid flavors. (affiliate)

And here’s my milk allergy kiddo’s other favorite xylitol gum, especially green tea flavor. (affiliate) 


I haven’t seen this ingredient in gum much lately, 

but always check labels on gum…just like with food. 

Gum can contain milk. 

That’s why we stick to our favorite natural brands listed above…always double checking ingredients. 

Recaldent is an ingredient to keep an eye out for.

It contains milk and is used for tooth whitening. 

Learn about recaldent here.

See PUR spearmint ingredients below. 


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