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Emergency Food Kit Allergy-Friendly

As a food allergy mom, I want to always be prepared. 

Prepared for parties, holidays, school, sickness…because with allergies we just can’t wing it. 

And being prepared for an unexpected emergency is just as important! 

I know we all think being prepared for an emergency is important.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, virus outbreaks…

anything can happen, and allergy moms especially need to be prepared by having an extra stash of safe food on hand. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a sky-is-falling kinda girl. 

But what I am is a mom who likes to prepare for the worst but expect the best. 

And when I’m prepared, my anxiety and stress are kept at bay. 

Then I can move on with my day and feel good knowing we are ready for almost anything. 

Plus, my husband has asked me for years to please budget and stockpile some extra food for these very reasons. 

Unexpected emergencies and food allergies. 

He’s a smart guy who wants his family protected. A keeper!

Knowing this is important, we finally built emergency kits together with our allergy friends inside Milk Allergy Mom Membership a couple years ago. 

And all that help is still in the group if you haven’t hopped in yet to take advantage!

However, what happened…is my emergency food went bad. HA! 

Good thing I didn’t need it. Bad thing I didn’t think to use it up. 

Plus now, currently inside membership, mamas are starting to discuss this new widespread virus and some of the panic that is happening around us. 

It’s a good reminder that we should be armed with lots of allergy-friendly food for our kids no matter what. 


Like we love to do at Milk Allergy Mom, I have had in my planner for months to do an Emergency Kit Challenge in 2020.

Hundreds of you have taken our free Allergy Binder Challenge and loved the peace-of-mind it brought. And I wanted to do something similar in an email challenge for emergency kits we can also build together. 

However, as I’m listening to our members, I was totally motivated to just get the food ordered asap. No time for a 7-day email challenge, lol!

If you’re still reading and interested in doing this with me, stay with me to the end of this post and within minutes you too can have your own dairy-free emergency food ordered and coming to your home with free shipping.

Easy peasy. Let’s do this!

emergency kit dairy free

What is a Food Allergy Emergency Kit?

I break my kit into two parts:

allergy-friendly food that’s shelf-stable

and supplies that we would need if we were without electricity or displaced from our home. 

In this post, we are talking more about the food you would want to have stockpiled for your food allergy kiddo…

and possibly the rest of your family. 

But we will touch on the non-food supplies at the end of this post, too.

Why Do I Need an Emergency Kit? 

As already mentioned, things like natural disasters can catch us off guard at anytime. 

In the last couple years, we’ve heard of food allergy families struggling to feed their kiddos after a hurricane. 

Houses flood, families are displaced for months, and food banks don’t generally hand out allergy-friendly food like dairy-free milk and nut-free bread.

So we truly do need to be prepared for this, my friends. 

And I’m going to make it easy for you!

Why Order Emergency Food Online?

I’m going to link you below to all the food I ordered online this time. 

Why online? 

Because the prices are decent, I don’t have to squeeze in an extra shopping trip, and I can really plan and budget from my computer. 

A couple years ago when I made my first emergency kit with our members, I shopped all the food at Aldi. 

The prices were right. BUT, they don’t have the allergy-friendly selection that online does…especially for protein. 

AND I had my kids in tow. 

AND we filled my car to the brim with double the amount of groceries than usual. 

AND I had to carry all that in. First world problems. Eeeeep. 

And while I could order Walmart pick-up for similar groceries on Amazon…um yeah, pick-it-up.

I want this extra food to come right to my door with free shipping. 

It makes this “daunting” task of building a kit and buying extra food so much easier. 

And that means I’ll actually get this project done. Sign me up!

How Much Will Emergency Food Cost?

It’s totally up to you. I’m of the mind that any little bit will help!

Even if you have one little container of food tucked away in a closet, that’s better than having no food saved away. 

I also think that doing this in baby steps will help with the budget AND our sanity. 

The cool thing is that our shopping list will remain here for you to use in different ways. 

Plan your shopping how you want!

Personally, I’m getting one of each thing this first order. And will budget to order again in a month or two. 

If we gradually order once a month, every other month, once a quarter…we will start to maintain quite a good amount of food as we get going. 

When I made my first food kit, I spent $50. 

$50 out of our food budget this month to have the peace-of-mind that we can feed our kiddos in any emergency is worth it. 

If you want to spend more out the gate, I will list some “add-on’s” that I’m snagging myself. 

These add-on’s will make your order just at $100. 

Maybe you will save the add-on’s for next month. You can decide. 

How To Rotate An Emergency Kit

I’m hearing some great ideas about how to keep items in an emergency kit from expiring…

like food and medications. 

I just looked in my current kit and benedryl, motrin, and cans of vegetables are getting close!

So it’s time to use them and replace the stashed items.

Probably the best tip I have heard is checking and replacing close-t0-expiring items with the time changes. 

That’s easy enough! 

And since we are close to springing forward, I’m excited about the timing of this! 

Although, hubby thinks a spreadsheet is in order. 

Now that we have this Amazon list, we can easily make a spreadsheet of the foods and expiration dates. 

Maybe I could check it each month, and see if there’s anything we need to use up and order again on Amazon. 

That’s not too hard. I’ll put the sheet in my planner.  

How To Store an Emergency Kit

I’ve heard some great ideas on how to store emergency kits, too. 

First, keep in mind where things stay safe during natural disasters in your area.

For us, we have interior places in the basement for bunkering down in a tornado. 

So I want my supplies stored safe in the same kind of place with us. 

The basement closet it is…for me! 

As for what storage containers to use, 

my very favorite suggestion is using old, rolling suitcases. 

Having your goods in something portable is such a good idea…what if you have to evacuate?

While we do have old suitcases lying around, they don’t fit in my downstairs closet so well. 

So we opted for four small containers easy to carry, one for each family member. 

Maybe in an emergency, we’d have time to transport them to rolling suitcases. 

Dairy-Free Emergency Food 

Are you ready to see the dairy-free foods I snagged to get our emergency kit started?!

Remember, always read labels for yourself. Amazon will have some labels shown. 

But double-check labels when they arrive and before you pack them away. 

You don’t want to rely on reading labels for the first time in the middle of an emergency when you’re foggy. 

These are our affiliate links, and if you choose to use them, we may receive a small commission. 

Hope this list is super helpful to you, makes this task less stressful and a whole lot better for you. 

PS: My family is dairy-free (currently in milk OIT) and nut-free (except almond milk & coconut). 

PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information.

$48 Dairy-Free Emergency Food Kit

2021 UPDATE: Some of these items are no longer available but it should still give a good idea of food ideas for your emergency kit. Hope it helps! 

12 Water Bottles

Instant Oatmeal

Fruit Cereal Bars

Brownie Fig Bars

Canned Fruit

Canned Corn

Carrot Chips

Tomato Soup

Pumpkin Seeds

Refried Beans

Baked Beans

Canned Chili

Peanut Butter Singles

Fresh Stack Crackers

Graham Crackers


$45 Dairy-Free Emergency Food Add-On’s

2021 UPDATE: These links still work at the moment. Hope they are good options for you!

Fruit Leathers

Dried Fruit Chips

Fruit & Veggie Bars

More Dairy-Free Emergency Food Suggestions

These items I would also consider adding to my kit, but brands vary widely based on allergies. 

So you can decide if you need them and what brand. 

Shelf Stable Milk

Canned Chicken

Tuna Pouches

Meat Sticks

Other mamas make sure they have instant tea and coffee in the stash. Amen, sister. 

Not having caffeine would certainly be an emergency!

More Emergency Kit Posts

Hygiene & Cleaning Stock-Up

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More Emergency Help For Allergy Families

If you’d like even more help and support with building your food allergy emergency kit, 

these are the kind of tools we love working on together inside Milk Allergy Mom Membership.

And we’ve already built several helpful resources to make this project even easier and less stressful for you. 


  • Printable list of ideas for food and non-food emergency items
  • Videos with me and hubby about our own emergency kit
  • Discussion among members in our private Facebook group
  • Helpful articles in our member library


When I get my Amazon order in the coming days, our members will certainly get an updated show-n-tell!

Honestly, when you do things like this with friends…it’s less overwhelming and even fun. 

I seriously have so much fun preparing for emergencies with my membership crew.

Plus, tornado season is upon us…I’ll be ready!

Alright guys, happy emergency shopping. 

If you find some other amazing dairy-free, shelf-stable food that we must have…

drop a comment and let us know! I may order it and add it to the list. 

Friend, don’t let this stress you out.

Having tools makes allergy life easier. And we create just the tools you need. SO glad you are here!

In this together, 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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