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How To Make Matcha Green Tea (VIDEO)

Iced matcha tea is so good and easy to make. 

See instructions below.

How To Make Green Matcha Tea With Water!


I’m so sorry for this headline on Pinterest. 

But I’m serious…

when I tried matcha at a coffee shop…

with milk…

I literally gagged, lol. 

Lattes are for mochas. 

Matcha is for iced or hot green tea. 

Of course, this is just my opinion, 

but I fear there are others like me out there…

who’ve tried a matcha in the coffee drive-thru with no luck. 

But did I give up? 

No, ma’am. 

We don’t give up on tea. lol

Instead, I bought my own matcha and figured out how to enjoy it at home. 

With WATER. Without gagging. 

I’m no health expert here, just a mom who loves a tasty drink. 

However, I’m told matcha has a good kick of caffeine and it boosts your metabolism. 

Nuf’ said. I figured out how to make it delicious…

basically like a strong glass of green tea. 

And now I’m a fan! 

I’ll be making this myself from now on, though. 

Can’t risk another $5 in the drive-thru. 

If you’ve found a coffee shop matcha that you love, 

please comment and tell me what I’m missing out on.

I would LOVE to hear. Truly! 

I know I’m not always right. 

But just in case you want to make this at home,

and you want a refreshing drink to count as your daily water intake…

I’ve got you covered. 

Here’s a video tutorial

And written directions are below. 

For more information about matcha, check out this article


How To Make Green Matcha Tea With Water!

How To Make Matcha Tea

Put 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of matcha powder in a your favorite cup. 

Add honey for desired sweetness or omit. 

Pour just enough hot water over the matcha and honey to dissolve it nicely. 

Whisk until fully dissolved and incorporated into the water. 

Top off with 8 ounces of hot or cold water. 

For cold, add some ice cubes and enjoy. 

Just water and matcha and maybe honey. 

No milk needed, tastes like strong green tea. YUM!

And not a plant dissolved in milk, HA! 

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Hope you like the matcha green tea! 

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