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Ask the Allergist Dr. Siri ~ Egg Allergy OIT Treatment (VIDEO)

This information is for educational purposes only.

Follow your own doctor’s instructions for managing food allergies.

Egg Allergy OIT Treatment Allergist Video

Hey you guys!

I am so, so excited about our allergist video this month…

because it’s one we’ve been wanting to do forever!

So many milk allergy families also manage egg allergy. 

I sure did in our early days. 

And even though we thankfully outgrew egg allergy with both my kiddos, 

many of you have not outgrown egg allergy yet and are interested in oralimmunotherapy (OIT) treatment. 

It can open so many doors!

As you may know, we are doing milk OIT at Dr. Siri’s office. 

Dr. Siri is an allergist rock star who’s paved the way in oralimmunotherapy, 

runs an allergy asthma trial clinic, 

speaks around the world, 

and takes time out of her busy schedule to educate and inspire the Milk Allergy Mom community. 

We. Are. Blessed! 

If you have any interest in egg oral challenges or egg allergy therapy, 

be sure to watch our encouraging video below. 

Then if you’re a Milk Allergy Mom Member, 

we take another 30 minutes to answer your other egg allergy questions. 

That supplemental video is inside membership ready for you now! 

Learn more about Dr. Siri here, and watch our video below.

I hope you are encouraged today!



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