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Dairy-Free Easter Chocolate by No Whey

If you’re a food allergy mom or grandma starting to think about Easter, 

we’ve got great news for you today.

Our friends at the Spokin app have a very fun coupon code for us right now. 

We can get 25% off allergy-friendly Easter chocolate at one of our favorite online stores.

No Whey Foods! 

Get the coupon code at the end of this post. 

First, we want to show you our favorite Easter items.

No Whey is one of our favorite allergy-friendly chocolate companies. Yes, way!

Per their website, No Whey treats are 100% milk, egg, tree nut, peanut, and soy free. 

Free from the top 8 allergens in the United States. Both vegan and kosher.

Plus, no artificial colors or flavors. What’s not to love!?

My kiddo really loves their candy bars any time of the year, especially for Halloween. 

But today, I’ll share our favorite Easter treats with my honest opinion as a milk allergy mom. 


I love this sucker set because it’s a fun mix of white chocolate and milk chocolate, 

plus a sucker with both!

Everything is fun on a stick and these are solid chocolate, which my kids love. 


Easter Lollipop Collection (3 pops)


Last year we tried this new product, and it was also fun. 

Get chocolate candy in fun Easter shapes…inside plastic eggs. 

This makes for an exciting surprise for kids. 

One bag has 6 eggs so we split them between two kids.

Keep the plastic eggs to use year after year. 

Surprise Eggs


I think this one is our very favorite. 

If you’re missing Cadbury eggs, look no further!

These mini cream eggs are an absolute dream for food allergy families. 

The eggs are small, but tasty.

The white cream tastes just like you’d want it to. 

These don’t even taste allergy-friendly or dairy-free. 

Definitely buy these! 

vegan easter creme eggs


Let’s just say, these are your M&M substitute. 

But they are bigger than M&M’s, and they are naturally colored. 

Personally, I love these. They taste like Sixlets to me. lol

While these aren’t exactly Easter type candy, we can get 25% off with Spokin’s code!

So it’s a great time to snag a bulk box to enjoy all spring long. 

I like to place a few on top of chocolate chip cookies before I bake them. 

We love these so much that we have a No-No’s post here

I also have to keep my little niece stocked on these. 

Chocolate No No's Family Pack (12 Units)


These also aren’t exactly Easter chocolate. 

But I love that No Whey creates allergy-friendly truffles!

We have not tried these yet, but we hear great reviews from milk allergy moms.

So why not try at 25% off?!

I need some for both my kiddo AND me.

We missed them on Valentine’s Day so now’s a great time to make up for that. 


Everything Good Collection (15 pieces)


I always think about shipping in warm weather. 

That’s why this coupon code comes at a good time, before it gets too warm out. 

BUT, if you’re still worried about keeping the chocolate from melting, 

you can add an ice pack to your order for $4 with priority or express shipping.

It’s recommended if the weather temps are supposed to hit 80 degrees or above the week after you order.

Now here’s the coupon code for you.


Again, thank you to Spokin for this fun coupon code. 

It’s good for 3 days only so don’t delay. Plus, allergy-friendly Easter chocolate sells out fast. 



We hope you get to take advantage of this fun sale and that our recommendations are helpful.

Just ordered mine and can’t wait to get it!

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