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Original Pringles Chips

Are Pringles Dairy Free?

Hey guys, a post over in our Milk Allergy Mom Shopping Group on Facebook reminded me today…

I’ve been wanting to update this Pringles post forever!

The pictures have even been in my phone for months. 

So let’s get this done.

Do Pringles contain milk? Are they dairy-free? 

The short answer is several Pringles flavors do contain milk. So always read labels and check ingredients. 

The long answer is…

our milk allergy family has enjoyed eating Original Pringles for years. 

Or shall I say, my husband and kids have, lol. 

Here’s how we’ve approached this popular potato chip. 

Years ago, the label on original Pringles looked dairy-free. 

This was a long time ago, before MAY CONTAIN statements were a thing. 

So as we often had to do, we got brave and gave them a try. 

And they proved to be safe for our kiddo with anaphylactic milk allergies. 

We’ve been eating them ever since! 

Of course, we always double check the label when we buy a new can.

You never know when ingredients will change.

But I also want to share that this is the only flavor my son eats

Back when labels were more risky, this was our general rule. 

Find what works, don’t push the envelope. 

And that was that. 

My kiddos still enjoy original Pringles, especially on road trips because they don’t get smashed in the backseat! 

Pringles cans are pretty handy like that. 

We also like that they sell individual serving containers, also not able to be smashed easily. 

Those are great for school lunches!

True, these aren’t your healthiest snack option. 

But my kids are happy to have something their friends are eating.

And as an allergy family who often misses out on things, that’s worth it. 

I’ve included a picture of the ingredients on our can below. 

But again, always double check labels for yourself. Ingredients can change. 

Let us know, does your milk allergy family eat Pringles? 


See more info at the Pringles website

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Kim Molloy

Tuesday 4th of May 2021

Years ago, BBQ flavor Pringles used to be safe for my dairy allergic boys. I read the label every time I buy them. My son picked out a small can in the airport and we were rushing, so I just paid for them. On the plane, he opened the can and I realized right before he put it in his mouth that I didn’t read the ingredients label and there it was “contains milk”. I grabbed the chip out of his little hand. He was so upset. Ingredients can change without notice. We stick with the red can only now.

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