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Bread & Buns by Hostess

Well, there’s a first for everything!

In my 15 years of managing milk allergy, being able to grab bread or buns at the local drugstore has only been a dream.

But the dreaming is over! Check out what we found at Walgreens. Woohoo! 


Hostess Bread


That’s right, I love running into Walgreens for a quick thing or two that we’ve gotta have quickly. 

Sometimes there’s not time to run into the grocery store, ya know? 

So for years, I’ve hit Walgreens for eggs, bacon, toilet paper, etc. 

But the other day something new caught my eye…

and I was so, so happy!

Way more happy than any person should be…

about a simple display of bread. 

But oh no, this was no ordinary bread. 

This was dairy-free bread! At Walgreens! First time in 15 years!

I’ll share more but here’s the disclaimer first. 

Always double check labels for yourself. 

Over our fifteen years of milk allergy, 

bread has been the number one product where we see ingredients change over and over again.

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to change brands because one day a brand is milk-free and the next day it’s not. 

Always watch those bread labels carefully! 

That also goes for buns, hamburger and hotdog buns. 

Those are also hard to find dairy-free and change ingredients on the regular. 

But see below, Walgreens also had hotdog and hamburger buns safe for my kiddo, too! 


Perfect for our:

favorite hotdogs

sloppy joes

bacon sandwiches


Hostess Bread

The brand was Hostess and the label says “new recipe”. 

Told ya ingredients change!

So yeah, maybe the new recipe makes this bread dairy-free at the moment. 

Here are the ingredients on the loaf we picked up. 

Then see the buns below. 

Hostess hamburger buns and hotdog buns were also on display with the white and wheat bread. 

The display was by the cold drinks section. 

I’m not sure if it would be the same at your Walgreens, but maybe that will help. 

The bread and buns appear to just contain wheat and soy. 

And these may be a new option for your food allergy family like they are for mine.

Now if you’re like me, you can “run real quick” for bread and buns…

without spending a ton of time and a fortune in the grocery store. 

I also saw Walgreens had almond milk for a quick dairy-free milk run, too!

Hostess Buns

Hope this is a helpful tip for you today. 

Let us know if you find dairy-free hostess bread and buns at your Walgreens. We’d love to hear. 

For more information, here’s the Hostess website

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