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5 Yeast Bread Recipes Dairy-Free

Ready to make your own dairy-free bread? 

We have not just one, but FIVE favorite bread recipes with no dairy. 

These can also be made egg-free and even soy-free. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than making your own bread. 

No funky ingredients, just the basics, and easy to make! 

Our bread recipes also don’t require a bulky bread machine.

Just use a dutch oven or a stand mixer for these.  

See our dairy-free bread recipes below.

collage of dairy free breads

Yes, I once owned a bread machine. 

And I made bread in it a few times. 

But the machine was more clutter than help on my kitchen counter. 

And it was so heavy to lug out of storage each time I wanted to use it.

What I DO love having on my kitchen counter, though, is my stand mixer.

It’s so versatile, and I use it all the time for various kinds of recipes. 

Cookies. Cake. Homemade frosting. So why not bread?!

With the handy dandy dough hook, bread recipes can be mixed and even kneaded in my stand mixer.

So that has definitely become the preferred method for me. No more bread machine.

Dinner rolls, white Amish sandwich bread, French baguettes, sweet crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls…

I make all these in my five quart electric stand mixer! 

However, a couple of our favorite bread recipes don’t even use the stand mixer. Pull out your Dutch oven for those!


Here are our favorite bread recipes that can be dairy, egg, and even soy free. 

Hope you love these dairy-free bread recipes as much as we do!

Save these bread recipes for later with this pin on Pinterest. 

And here’s our favorite dairy-free store-bought bread if you’re looking for something more convenient. Of course, double-check the labels because ingredients can change. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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