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9 Favorite Accessories for the Erin Condren Life Planner

Paper planners can be so helpful for organizing busy life, but only if you actually use them.

Throughout my many years of paper planning, I’ve found the real key to making my planner work for me is to gather up the most practical accessories. 

I’ve weeded out the dust-collecting supplies. And I have narrowed down the most functional items that I go back to again and again.

For 2023, I’ve updated my list of top 9 favorite planner goodies.

Hope you love this current list!

pile of planner supplies that are practical useful and functional

We are both an Amazon and Erin Condren affiliate and used our link to conveniently connect you to the products shown. There’s no extra cost to you if you click our links and purchase. Thanks for shopping with us!

1. EC STICK NOTE DASHBOARD – To kick things off, I love the Erin Condren Sticky Note Dashboard. I’m a sticky note addict by nature so having several sizes snapped right into my planner and at my disposal is a dream. I buy the new style from Erin Condren each and every year. And I use them up! Shop stick notes here.

2. CLEAR POCKETS – Even though the EC planners come with 2 built-in pockets, I need more. So I grab a set of the large clear, self-adhesive pockets every year now. I have one tucked into the front and the back covers of my Erin Condren Planner. Super functional, big enough, a 3M product that sticks well, and the best use I have found for my laminated inside covers. Shop clear pockets here.

3. PAPER CLIPS – I feel like I’m always grabbing for paper clips for attaching things into my planner. And of course, I want them to be pretty. I get these on Amazon. Shop clips here.

handful of gold paperclips for paper planners

4. DOT STICKERS – These work great in the year calendar pages of your planner to mark paydays, school days off, vacation, etc. I use them just to mark paydays. Shop dot stickers here.

5. EC MONTHLY STICKER BOOK – Besides the stickers that come inside the Erin Condren Planner, these are the only other stickers I use. That’s because they match, and it keeps things simple. I don’t like to spend a lot of time shopping extra stickers and finding the time to use them. EC sticker books are just enough to allow me to get my craft on when I’m in the mood. Shop sticker book here.

pile of most useful planner supplies

6. SHARPIE GEL PENS – I’m updating my favorite planner pen to be these beauties! Not only are they such pretty, clean white pens. But they are permanent smear-proof unlike many gel pens. So you get the smooth glide of a gel pen and the no-smudge of a permanent pen. Amazingly, these don’t bleed through the quality Erin Condren planner paper. Give them a try! Shop pens here.

7. HIGHLIGHTERS: While I don’t use a lot of colored pens in my planner, I love using pastel highlighters over my black Sharpie gel pen! And these highlighters have been perfect. Not just for my planner, but also in my Bible. Two tips, one chisel and one writing. Shop highlighters here

pile of highlighters for paper planners

8. PLANNY POUCH: I adore the Erin Condren Planny Pouch! It comes in various colors and patterns. It’s quality faux leather with a soft lined interior. There’s a handy extra pocket on the outside. Then there’s an elastic band on the other side that you can wrap around your entire planner. This is great for carrying pens and accessories on-the-go, in a nice compact way. Shop EC pouches here.

9. ELASTIC BANDS: Another handy way to close your planner together is with these cute, colorful elastic bands. I actually buy them in lots of colors, as it’s sort of an addiction. They are so affordable and a great add-on to your EC order. There’s even a loop on the bands that makes for a nice pen holder. I’ve also been known to wrap these around books I’m reading as a book mark and pen holder. Shop EC bands here.

And that wraps up my updated 9 favorite planner accessories for Erin Condren Life Planners or any paper planners, really.

To shop more EC accessories and planners, here’s our affiliate link at no extra cost to you.




If you have other favorite planner accessories we missed in this list…

comment and let us know. We’d love to hear! 

And for more planner inspiration, see our links below.

Thanks so much for stopping in.

Happy planning!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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