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33 Breakfast Ideas Dairy-Free

Looking for tasty, dairy-free breakfast food to fuel your kids for the day?

We have several recipes for your morning routine…plus some store-bought ideas, too.

These are mostly egg-free, as well.

See our favorite, fun, allergy-friendly breakfast ideas below!

33 dairy free breakfast ideas collage with waffles, french toast, breakfast cookies, and more

For breakfast, I like to make sure my kiddos get some kind of protein. 

Dairy-free protein options for us have been bacon, sausage, and oats mainly. 

And they love fruit in the morning, too. 

Easy fruits for us are berries washed the night before and bananas on the go. 

In addition to those, here are several recipes that help fill the kids up.

And they are kid-approved over 17 years at our house.


You can’t go wrong with the pancake house staples.

Our French toast was one of the first egg-less versions online fifteen years ago and works like a charm.

Our waffles and pancakes are so, so basic…using no milk, only water. But they are so popular!


If you’re looking for more hearty flapjacks, check these out.

These certainly fill up my teenage boys, and my hubby even likes them for dinner.


For peeps who want a quick breakfast out the door, our family has found these recipes helpful.


I don’t know why, but these two most remind me of my childhood.

I’m pretty sure my mom made them on the regular for her four hungry kids.


Muffins and scones are so easy to bake the night before, and they are grab-and-go easy in the morning.

My kids love all these. 

And they are great with my morning coffee.


If you want to bring things up a notch, bake your own donuts!

These are a nice treat especially for kids who can’t have frozen or donut shop donuts because of food allergies.

We love homemade donuts on the weekends, especially.


We have two mega breakfasts at our house.

Cinnamon rolls because they take a bit more work, although you can make them the night before.

And breakfast sandwiches because there are 50 options, and they fill up kid bellies!


Lastly, it’s always nice to have some convenient, store-bought breakfasts for hectic mornings.

As always, double-check the labels because ingredients can change. And call the company for the latest processing information, if need be.

Here are some of our favorite, quick dairy-free breakfast ideas to buy.

And that pretty much wraps up our favorite breakfasts for kids (and parents) here at Milk Allergy Mom. 

Breakfast is definitely our favorite meal of the day, probably because we have quite a nice variety in this list. 

Hope you found some new recipes and food finds to try!

Save these dairy-free breakfast ideas on Pinterest for later.

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collage of dairy free breakfast ideas recipes and store bought

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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