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Corn Casserole Just 3 Ingredients Dairy-Free

Missing corn casserole in your milk allergy house? 

We have a solution! And it’s just 3 ingredients. 

Kids love eating it and moms love how easy it is to make. Double win!

dairy-free corn casserole

You guys, I used to second think posting recipes this easy. 

Just three ingredients. 

Open cans, dump cans, crush crackers, heat through. 


My work here is done. 

Ha ha…ok, let’s dive in a little more but not much!

Because literally, this recipe just calls for two cans of corn and your favorite allergy-friendly crackers. 

When my kiddo was a toddler with his milk allergy, 

I felt so badly that he had to miss out on the fancy sour cream corn casserole at all our holidays. 

Motivated to come up with a fun alternative, somehow I ended up here. 

A 3-ingredient dump it, heat it recipe that seriously….

has become my son’s most requested holiday dish of all time. 

I chuckle every time he makes sure it’s being served, lol. 

At some point, there was some mommy guilt about this recipe. 

So I found a legit vegan corn casserole and made that for him one year. 

I was super proud of myself using vegan sour cream and all those fancy ingredients. 

But guess what happened. 

I’m literally the only person in my family who ate it…out of a sense of responsibility. 

Both my boys and even my husband had no interest. 

So back to the two cans and crackers we went, and we’ve not looked back. 

Here’s what you do.


One can of WHOLE KERNEL corn, drained.

One can of CREAMED CORN. 

I know! It’s dairy-free! 

That word “cream” makes it hard to believe, but it’s my son’s favorite canned vegetable ever.

Check labels of course to make sure it’s ok for you. 

Then grab a sleeve of your favorite crackers. 

Some prefer saltines. 

Sometimes I just use Ritz crackers we have on hand. 

Either one works with our milk allergy. 

Choose the crackers that work for you. Check labels. 

Mix the two cans of corn together in an oven-safe dish. 

Crush crackers on top of the corn. 

And heat the corn through in the oven on 350 for about 30 minutes. 

Voila! Dairy-free corn casserole, coming right up. 

I order all three ingredients at Walmart pick-up.

dairy free corn casserole

I know. It’s ridiculously basic. 

And maybe it’s not sophisticated enough for your adult palette. 

But I’m telling you, if you have picky kids like I do…

they are going to eat this up. 

And they are going to ask for it for every single holiday to come. 

Thank me later for making your life easier with one simple holiday dish you can make with your eyes closed. 

In fact, your kids can even help you make it. 

Let us know in the comments if you give this dairy-free corn casserole a try, we’d love to hear!

Easy Corn Casserole Dairy-Free

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Saturday 29th of February 2020

I’m so confused, I only see two ingredients for this “three ingredient recipe.” It’s crackers, can of corn, and what’s the third ingredient?

Jamie Kaufmann

Saturday 29th of February 2020

Hi Sandra, it's two kinds of canned corn. One is whole kernel, one is creamed. Hope that helps!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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