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Insulated Auvi-Q, Epi, Inhaler Case by AllerMates

Trying to regulate epinephrine injector temperature? 

Looking for a case to carry your epi in?

Whether it’s Epi Pens, Auvi Q, or inhalers…we found just the thing!

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And learn more about one of our favorites below.

red auvi q case with auvi

Even though my teen is quite attached to his epi backpack, I knew he needed a smaller and more portable option in certain situations. 

So I was very happy when I ordered this insulated epi case for kiddo. 

He now puts two Auvi-Q’s in this new compact case. 

It’s insulated to keep the temperature regulated better. 

And it has a clip so he can easily move it from school bag to soccer bag to pool bag, etc. 

You can get this case which fits Auvi or inhaler well. 

But there’s also another case size available for Epi Pens. 

Plus, there are different colors to choose from. 

I like red as an emergency color. 

However, my younger son chose blue for carrying his inhaler.

And would you believe…these cases include an internal thermometer, medicine bottle for liquid meds or pills, and label tags on the inside and out. 


auvi case open


best asthma inhaler case

Here’s what the cases include:

  • metal clip
  • Velcro belt strap
  • insulation
  • internal thermometer
  • medicine bottle
  • ID labels

insulated inhaler case in blue

These cases can fit:

  • Auvi-Q
  • Inhaler
  • Epi-Pen

I love that these compact cases can fit into other bags like diaper bags, purses, bookbags, etc. 

Or the cases can be clipped to the outside of bags. Very nice. 

OR, Velcro the case around a belt loop.

Lots of versatile ways on how to carry this so it best suits your need.

If you’d like to check out the styles and colors and learn more…

SHOP EPI CASES HERE (affiliate link).

Hope you find one you like! 

epi case

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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