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European Universal Stone Non Toxic Natural Cleaning Paste

News flash for all my toxin-free cleaning friends out there!

Universal Stone is on Amazon! (affiliate)

As you know, our favorite microfiber company e-cloth changed ownership last year. 

They have done a great job moving the company forward, and I adore the new website!

But something has gone missing…our beloved Universal Stone!

It was the one cleaner e-cloth used to sell, a toxin-free paste made in Europe. 

Ingredients shown below.

And it worked on everything! Toilets, ovens, stoves, vehicles, hands, you name it. 

When they announced it was being discontinued, not gonna lie, I begged them not to do it, lol.  

I love this stuff and know you do, too. 

And you better bet I stinking stocked up! lol

HOWEVER, I am super excited to announce…

that after a reader contacted me today about the missing stone…

I went on a hunt.

And alas, our beloved Universal Stone is sold on Amazon, woohoo! (affiliate)

Free shipping, come to mama. 

You are going to love the price, too. 

If you’re new to this toxin-free cleaning paste, 

here’s the low-down. 

It’s toxin-free and safe for pets and kids and we love it in our allergy asthma house. No harsh chemicals or smell.

It’s so natural and safe, in fact, that my kiddos love to remove very sticky glue from their hands, maybe even super glue, eeeek!

Hubs uses it to de-grease hands after working in the garage. 

And this is how I use it. 

Grab Universal Stone on Amazon


removing silverware scratches from white porcelain dishes

removing metal scratches from white porcelain sink

cleaning stains from enamel cast iron 

removing rust from bathroom pipes

removing permanent marker from the table, lol

removing cooked-on stains from the stove top

and lots more! See my video below.

Grab Universal Stone on Amazon


If you need e-cloths or the scrubbing cloth shown in the video, here’s our e-cloth shopping link.

I’m telling you, Universal Stone is a force.

So glad it’s still available in the U.S.!

Grab Universal Stone on Amazon

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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