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Best Non-Stick Baking Pans

Food allergy moms do a whole lot of baking. 

Shouldn’t we have nice, durable tools that make life in the kitchen easier?

Finding a favorite brand of bakeware was a huge game-changer in my food allergy kitchen.

Baking dairy-free, often times egg-free, for my food allergy family is a must. 

And having the best tools that make it easier and dare I say, more fun…changed everything in my kitchen. 

USA Pans (affiliate) are a dream!

They met my criteria of teflon, PTFE, PFOA and BPA free,

yet they are non-stick!

Heavy-duty aluminum that doesn’t warp.

Food-grade silicone that’s 100% non-stick.

And as the name suggests, made in the USA!

My pans have withstood the test of time and food allergy family wear-and-tear. 

I can’t recommend them as favorites enough. 

Muffins don’t require liners, no waste. 

Donuts pop right out, no torn pastries. 

And cookies come right off my cookie sheet and onto the included rack easy peasy. 

Not to mention the best part…clean-up is a cinch! 

Even better? These pans are reasonably priced and ship right to your door for free!

Here’s what my mother-in-law texted me out of the blue last month.

“I ordered a muffin pan. Used it last night. Why did I wait so long? lol It works good!”

For Christmas this year, I received the muffin pan with lid (affiliate).

It’s perfect for taking safe cupcakes out the door. 

And I really like being able to cover muffins I make at home, no more foil. 

Here’s what’s even cooler. 

The company makes a special line of purple pans.

What for, you may ask? 

Allergen baking! To distinguish safe and unsafe foods. 

Here’s USA Pans Allergy ID Bakeware on Amazon (affiliate link).

They even have an allergen ID bread pan (affiliate link) for our famous banana bread

I do hand wash my USA pans, but it’s seriously so easy. One swipe and you’re clean!

For the most economical buy, I’ve purchased this value set of pans (affiliate link).

I even split them up for Christmas gifts. 

That comes out to just $12 a pan. Crazy…because they will last forever.

Of course, keeping them all to yourself is allowed, too. 

You’re a hard-working food allergy mom!

Hope you can try these amazing pans and love them as much as we do.

This is our affiliate link.



BEST Non-Stick Bakeware USA Made


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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