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13 Cold Lunch Ideas Dairy-Free

If you’re in a rut with dairy-free kid lunches, we are here for you!

Here are thirteen simple cold bento boxes your kiddos will love.

Complete with protein, veggies, fruit, and snacks.

collage of 13 easy cold dairy free lunchbox lunches

I know back-to-school often leaves moms wondering…

what to make for lunches day in and day out? 

Add to that food allergies and sometimes picky kids,

and we mamas can find ourselves stumped and frustrated by September.

That’s why I decided to document some fun, milk-free lunches my kiddos were happily eating.

Complete with pictures, tips, and even brands.

I hope this list gives you lots of inspiration and saves you tons of brain power. 

Just make sure you check all food labels for yourself because ingredients can change.

Use these lunch ideas at home for preschoolers or home school kiddos…

or out the door for kids attending school away from home.

These are all cold lunch ideas that I send out the door with ice packs. 

No microwaves needed. 

AND, most of these are NOT sandwiches. Woohoo! 

Your kids will love the variety.

See our lunch list below!

collage of dairy free cold lunches for kids like no sandwiches roll ups and more


Here are 13 cold lunch box ideas that are dairy-free and easy to make:

1. Ham & Salami Triangle Wraps

2. Banana Tortilla Roll-Ups

3. PBJ Sushi Rolls

4. Ants-On-Logs

5. Turkey Bagel Sandwich

6. DIY Pizza Lunchables

7. Pickle Ham Roll-Ups

8. Meat & Dairy-Free Cheese Sticks

9. Honey Sandwich

10. Black Bean Taco Bar

11. DIY Cracker Sandwich Lunchable

12. Sweet Roll Sandwich

13. Club Sandwich 


Hope you love these easy, dairy-free kid lunch ideas as much as we do!

Which one is your favorite? We’d love to hear. 

Original post: August 23, 2017

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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