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Medical Alert Tag

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medical alert tag  



Just recently we updated my sons’ medical bags with new, durable medical tags. 

A mama in our membership shared a metal tag she ordered on Amazon, and that got me digging for something similar. I love our group! 

Even though we do like these large plastic tags for younger kids, I knew my teen guys would like these more sleek metal tags on the bags they use every day. 

Why tags? 

In our family, there are a few important steps to self-carrying epi injectors and inhalers. 

1. Medicine in pouches

2. Pouches in medical backpacks

3. Backpacks marked with tags

The pouches are oftentimes insulated to keep the medicine at ideal temperatures. 

The backpacks are a way to always have medicine and safe snacks at the ready. 

And the tags make sure anyone can find the medicine and help in a medical emergency. 

My younger son put this new metal tag on his blue inhaler bag. 

And my older son put the tag on his red epinephrine bag. 

What I like about these metal tags:

  • two-sided
  • durable metal
  • three different clip options
  • versatile wording for all meds
  • reasonable price

I do know one mom puts her phone number on metal tags in permanent marker. 

I, however, have my phone number on the actual epi pouch inside my kiddo’s bag. 

Here’s our Amazon affiliate link if you’d like to check out these tags for yourself. 

We really like them! And both boys snapped them onto their bags no problem. 




medicine alert tag in hand



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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