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Milk Allergy Mom Bio

milk allergy mom with dairy free milk shake


Jamie Kaufmann started the Milk Allergy Mom website in 2008 as a simple diary of her son’s safe allergy-friendly foods. Dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free.

Sixteen years ago, milkallergymom.com was one of the very first food allergy blogs on the internet. It started when squeeze margarine, rice milk, and soy cheese slices were about the only dairy-free options…long before allergy-friendly and vegan products became a thing. 

In 2013, Milk Allergy Mom made its debut on social media after being contacted by NBC Nightline News. Quickly, thousands of allergy moms started convening and conversing in this new, convenient, online space.

Seeing the surprising value in online allergy community over four years, Jamie then launched her Milk Allergy Mom Membership in 2017. It includes extra help like encouraging videos, printable recipe sheets, allergy binder resources, and an online support group of hundreds of families. Jamie has been personally involved and active there these past seven years and running. 

All the while, Jamie continues to post free recipes on her blog, share dairy-free food finds on social media, and send regular inspiration to her thousands of followers in email. As Jamie tells her readers, she is here for them. And her son is now eighteen!

Jamie has managed her family’s severe allergies for over 18 years: food allergies, environmental allergies, eczema, and asthma. 


Jamie Kaufmann is honored to be listed by the food allergy app, Spokin, as a top leader in food allergy. 

Milk Allergy Mom has also been featured by NBC News, All You Magazine, Allergic Living, Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed Life, Go Dairy Free, Healthline, Illinois Country Living, WebMD, What To Expect, as well as local television and newspaper. 

Over these past sixteen years, Jamie has also worked with several allergy-friendly companies including Amanda’s Own, Chomps, Daiya, Enjoy Life, Go Veggie, Fun For All Foods, Good Karma, Justin’s, Silk, So Delicious, Surf Sweets, OWYN, Wholesome, Zevia, and more.


Jamie Kaufmann, founder of Milk Allergy Mom, graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in history and political science, including certification to teach in secondary education.

Plus, she has finished 30 course hours of a master’s degree in counseling.

Jamie’s writing, teaching, and counseling backgrounds are all useful in her 16-year outreach at Milk Allergy Mom. It also helps that she is uber-organized and loves encouraging others. 


For six years, Jamie worked as a caseworker in the United States Senate. 

For three years, she directed a national homeschool program in her community.

And for sixteen years, Jamie has operated her website, Milk Allergy Mom. 

She’s also currently working in communications at a local high school. 

In addition, Jamie considers her fifteen years of homeschooling a job in itself. Two more years until graduation! 


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