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Milk Allergy Mom Front Page Newspaper Article


Food allergies on the front page. Look at that!

While our mission at Milk Allergy Mom is mostly to help and encourage food allergy families with simple recipes, caring community, and premium support…

It also doesn’t hurt that we are more and more afforded the opportunity to bring food allergies to light for the general public, as well.

I’m honored to be in this work for the food allergy community.

A couple weeks ago our local paper found us for a story about the Epi-Pen shortage.

Then during that interview, they learned about what we fully do at Milk Allergy Mom and asked to do a feature story soon. I didn’t expect them to call that same week, lol.

But it was a complete honor and pleasure to do this two-hour interview.

I’m grateful that our work here is capturing the attention of local and national media and more importantly, that it’s spreading the word about the growing epidemic of food allergies.

The more people know about life-threatening food allergies, the more society will care about our children. And hopefully that means we will have answers, treatments, and cures faster, too.

After all, everyone should know that a food allergy can develop at any time…for any one.

And Milk Allergy Mom and other online resources can help those who are affected. We are in this together!

Here’s more info about Milk Allergy Mom Membership.




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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