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Perfect Peppermint Bark Dairy-Free

Peppermint Bark Allergy-Friendly

Semi-Sweet Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dairy-Free

Christmas is now complete!

Dairy Free Peppermint Bark

Merry Christmas to me!

Finally tasty peppermint bark, dairy-free style. 

Perfect for our milk allergy families. 

Candy canes, those have been pretty easy to find milk-free. 

And the semi-sweet dairy-free chocolate has been around for years. YAY!

But the dairy-free white chocolate has been a bit of a hurdle until now. 

We’ve made peppermint bark with just brown chocolate in the past, 

though it isn’t as pretty without the white. 

Now that we have a dairy-free white chocolate right at our local Walmart, 

it is GAME. ON. 

Vegan Peppermint Bark

Kiddos and I got to work creating the ultimate double-chocolate, dairy-free peppermint bark, 

which by the way, 

tastes the best with BOTH chocolates. 

We tried just white, and eh…

do both. The two chocolates compliment each other so well. 

I recommend making this a day or two before you plan to eat it…

or day-of is even better. 

The longer the melted semi-sweet chocolate goes uneaten, the more “old” tasting it gets. 

Save this for one of your last Christmas treats to make, and you’ll be happy. 

Lastly, our very favorite candy canes are natural ones by Surf Sweets. 

We find them at our local health store or at this online candy store

Or we grab YumEarth at Target.

Below are the instructions for making this dairy-free peppermint bark. 

Also be sure to watch the quick video in this post!


Milk-Free Peppermint Bark


1 cup dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate

1/2 cup dairy-free white chocolate

1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract

2 tablespoons crushed candy canes


Line an 8×8″ dish in aluminum foil.

Melt 1 cup dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring in 30 second increments, until almost fully melted. Don’t over heat or they will scorch. 

Stir the melted semi-sweet chocolate well until all the chocolate chips are melted. 

Spread the melted semi-sweet chocolate into the foil lined dish. 

Place the dish in the refrigerator to set the semi-sweet chocolate. 

Crush enough candy canes to make 2 tablespoons of crushed candy canes, by putting the candy into a baggy and lightly crushing them with a kitchen mallet or rolling pin. 

Once the semi-sweet chocolate is hardened…

Melt 1/2 cup dairy-free white chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, until almost all the chips are melted. Don’t over heat or they will scorch and not melt smoothly. 

Stir the white chocolate chips well until all are melted and smooth. 

Stir 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract into the white chocolate. 

Spread the white chocolate evenly over the hardened semi-sweet chocolate. 

Sprinkle the crushed candy canes on top of the white chocolate. 

Set the dish in the refrigerator to set the white chocolate. 

Once the bark is hardened and set, lift the foil out of the dish. 

Set the bark and foil on a cutting board. 

And cut the bark into finger-food size pieces using a chef’s knife. 

Store the dairy-free peppermint bark in an airtight container. 

Hope you love this double chocolate, dairy-free peppermint bark as much as we do!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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