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Protein Bars by GoMacro

We have a favorite new protein bar to buy, and it’s dairy-free vegan!

Here’s the scoop.

protein bars dairy free store bought by gomacro

As always, double-check the labels because ingredients can change. And call the company for manufacturing processes if you need to. Just because these work for our allergies, doesn’t mean they will work for yours. Be safe!

Our family actually did a taste test of several dairy-free protein bars recently…

because busy teen boys need quick and easy snacks day after day.

I wish I burned as much energy as they do!

About half the bars that we tasted did not pass the test for my kids and hubby. 

Some were too crunchy and dry. Some weren’t sweet enough. Some had a bad aftertaste. 

Before our recent protein bar taste test, we mostly ate Enjoy Life protein bites.

My son kept them stashed in his locker for long days of school and sports practice. 

But actual protein bars, easy to pack in bags, are hitting the spot now that summer is in full swing.

There’s actually a certain brand we’ve all been craving since the family taste test. 

So I thought we may as well get to sharing a new favorite around here!

GoMacro protein bars are chewy, sweet enough, and have no bad aftertaste. 

Plus, they travel well. 

Even though I most like making our own dairy-free snacks…

AND I don’t like spending an arm and a leg on convenient store-bought snacks…

there are just some days that call for something quick.

GoMacro fits the bill for taste, nutrition, and allergy-friendly. 

Here are some GoMacro highlights to note.


  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • USDA organic
  • found in many stores
  • kid or regular size available

Some GoMacro bars contain nuts like almond and cashew.

Some contain peanut. 

And these aren’t as affordable as regular granola bars. 

However, the ingredients are better, of course. 

Like they say, you get what you pay for. 

I do find decent prices on Macro Bars on Amazon (affiliate), however.

It’s a great way to stock up because we are going through these!

Macro Bars are handy for out-the-door breakfast, picnics, errands, or afternoon snacks.

For food allergy families, you’ll want to take a close look at the ingredients.

Below are the ingredients on the kid bars we bought. 

But always double-check labels, ingredients can change. 

And call the company if need be. 



Then here is a flavor of regular size bar that we really like. 

We can’t have the bars with almonds or cashews, but these have been good. 

The regular size contains eleven grams of protein and under 300 calories. 

They are just as good as the kid-size double chocolate brownie bars. 

box of peanut butter chocolate chip macro bars

Here are the ingredients on the regular size peanut butter chocolate chip bar. 

For more information, visit the GoMacro website

And if you like saving money, here’s a dairy-free homemade protein bar that’s delicious and easy to make. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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