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Cake Pops Dairy, Egg, Nut Free + Easy Tips (VIDEO)

Cake pops, cake bites, cake balls…whatever you want to call them…

are always a huge hit, especially when you don’t forget the sprinkles!

Here’s how we make them dairy, egg, and nut free for our food allergy family.

And don’t worry, we share all our tips for making them as easy as possible.

chocolate vanilla cake pops on tray

As you may know, our cake recipes here at Milk Allergy Mom are pretty well-loved by food allergy families. 

They are so easy and only use simple ingredients you already have in your pantry. 

So easy, in fact, that it was time to bring things up a notch. 

It seems cake pops are here to stay, we see them at bakeries and coffee shops all the time. 

And of course, when these cake pop treats inevitably capture the eyes of our kiddos with food allergies, 

we sadly have to say no. Most will contain milk, eggs, or both. 

That means…it’s time to get making these at home!

Finally, we had the perfect allergy-friendly supplies at our disposal. 

I knew we could pull this off with success and couldn’t wait to show you!

In years past, we’ve made cake bites…

meaning we skipped the sticks.

And back then, semi-sweet and dark chocolate were the only chocolate chips we could get to work for a nice, thick coating.

But look out, we can now make adorable WHITE chocolate cake pops. And it is game on, my friends.

Plus, thanks to my husband and son, we got these babies on sticks with huge success, too.

Our dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free cake pops turned out amazing, adorable, and delicious!


Here’s what you’ll need to make these cake pops super easily, without pulling out your hair.

Of course, make sure you grab items that work for your food allergies. 

I’ll have specific brand suggestions for you in this post below.

  • easy cake recipe + the ingredients
  • 9×9″ cake pan
  • tub of icing
  • bags of chocolate chips
  • large microwave safe bowl
  • cookie scoop
  • sucker sticks
  • wax paper
  • cookie sheet
  • spoons


Our dairy, egg, and nut free cake recipes work so well for cake pops because as you may know…they come out a little denser than boxed cake. 

That means it holds together when rolled into balls and stays on sticks better. 

Here are the Milk Allergy Mom cake recipes that are dairy, egg, and nut free…using simple ingredients from your pantry. 

chocolate cake recipe

vanilla cake recipe

confetti cake recipe

Any of these will work well for cake pops. 

Eventually try them all and see what cake pop flavors you like best!

These cake recipes will yield about 27 cake pops when using a 2 tablespoon cookie scoop. 

baked round vanilla cake


For years, we’ve used the same brand of icing from a tub when I don’t make it homemade. 

And the brand worked great for these cake pops! Nice and thick to hold the pops together.

Make sure this brand works for your allergies. 

And one of the biggest keys to making cake pops is not to add too much icing. 

I only use a half tub of icing for 27 cake pops. I do just eyeball it without measuring exactly. 

Added bonus? This icing often comes with sprinkles, and I simply use those for our cake pops. Easy peasy. 

Now here’s the icing and sprinkles we use for these cake pops:

favorite dairy-free icing


In the past, we made chocolate coated cake bites with the only dairy-free, allergy-friendly chocolate chips we had. Enjoy Life.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

But the reason I tried my hand at these cake pops again was that we finally found a dairy-free, allergy-friendly white chocolate that I knew would work really well. Walmart Allergy-Friendly! 

This white chocolate tastes so close to the real thing AND it coats on very thick and bright white.

No need for a second layer or coat, which means that saves a ton of work!

Walmart Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Chips

I also love that these are affordable and easy to find. 

They made the BEST dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free cake pops for Easter this year! 

tray of vegan vanilla cake pops with no milk or egg


For this recipe, you’ll need 2 bags of allergy-friendly chocolate chips. 

Pour one bag into a large microwavable bowl, no added oil needed. 

Microwave for one minute, then stir. 

Then microwave for 30 second increments, stirring after each time. 

Stop microwaving right before all the chips melt completely (so not to scorch it) and stir vigorously until smooth. 

Once this first bag is used up with your cake ball dipping, pour half of the second bag into a bowl and repeat the melting process.

You may not need more than one and a half bags of chips to coat the 27 or so cake pops. 


These are affiliate links at no extra cost to you. 

medium cookie scoop

sucker sticks

white cake pops on tray


As I said, the first time we made chocolate coated cake pops I didn’t even bother doing the sticks. 

The process had been difficult enough, and mom was done. So we called them cake bites instead and were good to go. 

But now, with the help of my family, we’ve perfected the easiest ways to make cake pops…

so much so that I’ll now allow for sticks. HA!

Here are the cake pop making tips and tricks that I must always remember. 

DENSE CAKE – A nice dense cake recipe will make shaping pops easy and the sticks hold better. Thankfully, our Milk Allergy Mom cake recipes fit the bill!

MINIMAL ICING – Too much icing mixed in with the cake will make the mix too moist to form balls and too moist to hold sticks. We found the perfect amount for making cake balls easy!

COOKIE SCOOP – To make the pops the same size and to make them easier to roll, our cookie scoop saves the day. First scoop a ball, and then roll it with your hands. See the video in this post!

THICK CHOCOLATE – Allergy-friendly semi-sweet and dark chocolate chips are typically thick enough to coat cake pops in one layer. But many allergy-friendly white chocolate chips are thin and almost translucent. The Walmart brand of allergy-friendly white chocolate chips are thicker, whiter, and covered our cake pops in one layer perfectly!

COAT WITH SPOON – Coat the cake balls in chocolate simply by dropping them into melted chocolate and covering them completely by spooning the chocolate over them. This sounds time consuming, but it’s truly the simplest way we found. Also, take the chocolate covered balls out with a spoon and put on wax paper. A spoon works better than tongs. 

SET ON WAX PAPER – For our first couple cake pops, we tried setting the wet chocolate coating while having them on sticks popped into the back side of an egg carton. Total mess. They fell over. They fell off the stick. So we resorted to setting the cake balls on wax paper before the sticks were inserted and this was amazingly easy!

SETTING CAKE POPS – With the Walmart brand allergy-friendly white chocolate chips, we didn’t even need to refrigerate or freeze the cake pops to set the chocolate. But if you find the chocolate won’t set, the refrigerator or freezer will help the process. A lot may depend on indoor and outdoor temperatures. 

INSERT STICKS LAST – Instead of inserting sticks and using them to dip the balls in chocolate, go with spooning the chocolate on as mentioned above. Don’t insert sticks until last, when the chocolate has hardened. 

RUGGED LOOK IS OK – Swirling and twirling the wet chocolate to smooth it is a great idea in theory, but it didn’t work for us. So we just spooned on the chocolate and moved them to wax paper to set. The finished product was not super smooth cake pops, but we liked the unique designs in the pops. Saved us a ton of time not fretting the perfect smooth look. 

inside of a vanilla cake pop


There are a couple easy ways to serve cake pops without buying a fancy stand holder. 

CAKE POP UP: Insert the sticks on the flattened part of the hard chocolate and present in short, wide-mouth glass jars. 

CAKE POP DOWN: Keep the finished cake pops on a plate or tray, flat side down and sticks up. 

HORIZONTAL: Put the sticks in either end, flat or rounded side, and just lay flat on a tray or plate. 

tray of cake bites


You can experiment with all kinds of cake pop flavors by mixing up the cake, icing, and chocolate coating flavors.

We’ve done vanilla cake with vanilla icing and both semi-sweet and white chocolate coating. Delicious!

I’d love to do chocolate cake, vanilla icing, and white chocolate coating soon. 

And vanilla cake with strawberry icing and white chocolate coating would make yummy strawberry cake pops! 

Make sure all the cake, icing, and chocolate chip items work for your food allergies. 

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE: chocolate cake, chocolate icing, semi-sweet or dark chocolate coating

VERY VANILLA: vanilla cake, vanilla icing, white chocolate coating

CHOCOLATE COVERED VANILLA: vanilla cake, vanilla icing, semi-sweet or dark chocolate shell

VANILLA COVERED CHOCOLATE: chocolate cake, vanilla or chocolate icing, white chocolate shell

SIMPLE STRAWBERRY: vanilla cake, strawberry icing, white chocolate coating

CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRY: vanilla cake, strawberry icing, semi-sweet or dark chocolate shell

Now here are the steps for making easy cake pops!

vanilla cake pops in a jar


Makes approximately 27 cake pops, about 1.5 inches around.

1. Make your 9×9″ cake. See our dairy, egg, nut free recipes above. 

2. Remove baked cake from the oven and let it cool.

3. Tear the cake apart, putting pieces into a mixing bowl. 

4. Add 1/2 tub of allergy-friendly icing to the mixing bowl. 

5. Mix the cake and icing with electric mixer until well mixed. 

6. Use a cookie scoop to roll the batter into approximately twenty-seven 1.5 inch balls and set on wax paper.

7. Pour your first bag of chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl and microwave in 30 second increments, stirring between each 30 seconds until smooth and melted. 

8. Coat the cake balls in melted chocolate by dropping them into the chocolate bowl and spooning the chocolate evenly over them, one at a time. 

9. Remove the chocolate covered cake ball with a spoon and set on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.

10. Shake sprinkles onto each cake bite after it comes out of the wet chocolate, while it sits on the wax paper.

11. If the cake pops don’t set at room temperature while you’re making them, place the cookie sheet of chocolate covered and sprinkled cake pops in the refrigerator until they harden. 

12. Once the chocolate coating hardens, place a stick into each cake pop on either the flat side or opposite the flat side (depending on how you want to display them…see display ideas above). 

13. Store cake pops in an airtight container, layered with wax paper, in the refrigerator until time to serve. 

14. Serve the cake pops in a glass jar or laid flat on a tray or with sticks up on a tray. 

Hope you enjoy these easy milk-free, egg-free, nut-free cake pops as much as we do!

stored cake pops

Original Post:  12/29/14


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Sunday 14th of July 2019

Where can I find the dairy free chocolate chips ? I have never seen these anywhere in Canada

Jamie Kaufmann

Sunday 14th of July 2019

Can you get Enjoy Life there? We get them on Amazon. :)


Friday 1st of December 2017

So how much frosting would you say that is? We can't do store bought frosting....

Jamie Kaufmann

Saturday 2nd of December 2017

I would start with a half cup?

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