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Free Food Allergy Binder Challenge

The Original Free Allergy Binder

Created in 2016

Join over 2,000 Challenge Participants!

FREE Allergy Binder Challenge



Dear allergy friend,

do you feel like you are constantly reinventing the wheel when it comes to life with food allergies?

Each holiday, you create a menu from scratch?

Each doctor you visit, you start from square one?

Each caregiver you train, you jot down quick notes and hope you don’t forget anything?

And Lord forbid, what if something happened to you and you weren’t able to care for your allergy child long or short term?

Would those stepping in have all the medical information you know, food you cook, and resources you use?

Milk Allergy Mom Binder

Well, that’s what I was asking myself when I finally decided…

to create a place to park all my important allergy info in writing. 

Once I created this resource,

it would serve us for years to come and save me a ton of time and work.

Not to mention,

the peace-of-mind it gives.

This is how the Milk Allergy Mom Allergy Binder was born.

And we want to share this all-important resource with you, our allergy friends, as well!

Every food allergy family should have an Allergy Binder of their own. 

So let me tell you more about it.

milk allergy mom holding allergy binder


It’s a helpful tool for being on the same page with your doctors, especially ER doctors.

It’s a simple resource to share with caregivers and schools.

It’s an awesome manual for training your children.

It’s been helpful to families in natural disasters.

It fosters less stress and more peace-of-mind in your food allergy journey.

Prepare for the worst but expect the best!

FREE Allergy Binder Challenge


Our food allergy binder is not a product that you purchase from us.

Instead, it’s an assortment of documents I’ve created and curated as a 13-year anaphylactic food allergy mom.

And I point you to these resources for you to include in your own allergy binder, as well.

These are simple, practical lists and sheets that every food allergy mom will want to have on hand.

What it’s not, is dozens and dozens of pages we create or print just to say we have a binder. 

No, every piece is useful and practical. No overwhelm. Simple and easy. 

FREE Allergy Binder Challenge



We think this resource is second important to life-saving medications.

So we want to help you build your own binder, too!

We’ve created a very simple 7-day email course that will have your binder off to a running start!

With just 15  minutes a day,

you’ll have all the supplies and most important parts included and ready to make allergy life…

less stressful and a whole lot better!


FREE Allergy Binder Challenge


We’ve gotten over a hundred rave reviews about our FREE simple challenge and amazing peace-of-mind binder. 

But here are a few we really love!

“Thanks for keeping this simple.” 

“This is more important than I first thought.” 

“Thank you for helping us keep our kids healthy and safe.” 

“I’m blown away by how much I’ve learned this week!” 

“I already have so much more peace-of-mind.” 

Plus, see a video testimonial here!

 FREE Allergy Binder Challenge

Ready for food allergy peace-of-mind?

Sign up below for our next free challenge. 

And let’s get this done…together!



FREE Allergy Binder Challenge


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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