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Food Allergy Cartoons DVD for Kids

all about allergies pbs dvd cover

Wow! Check out this great allergy resource for KIDS! All About Allergies by PBS.

Moms, if you’re like me, I know sometimes you can feel a little guilty that we have so much support around us via social media while our kids do not.

I mean, our food allergy kids can’t just pop on Facebook to get some encouragement whenever they need it and to be reminded they are not the only ones on the planet with annoying food restrictions.

That often leaves me dreaming and hoping for some outlet for our kids to find support and to know they aren’t alone.

Most notably, to find other people who are like them and having the same daily struggles.

And while I AM currently thinking on some ideas for my son to be able to reach out to other food allergy kids far and wide, this wonderful preschool resource has become available and I sure wish I had this a decade ago for our family!

PBS has done a great job of bringing awareness around food allergies through several of their kids programming.

Not only is this a tool to teach non-allergy children and families, but it’s a wonderful resource to encourage food allergy children that they are not the only ones who have to be careful with food.

And from what I’ve seen in a couple of the episodes, the shows actually bring some training on food allergy management as well!

I know moms are snagging this newly released DVD up like hot cakes over on Amazon.

The price is right at just under $5, and these are sure to be shows your kids will want to watch over and over.

Even my older boys will sit and watch one of these episodes when we catch it. It’s just nice to see food allergies being brought into mainstream light.

You can grab your PBS food allergy DVD here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Enjoy this amazing tool with your kids. I know you will!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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