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Cool Dog Tags for a Food-Free School Reward

Personalized Dog Tags

As a former school teacher, I know classroom rewards can be very motivating for students. 

As a food allergy mom, I also know food treats shouldn’t always be the reward. 

In fact, I bet most kids would love something they can keep forever and ever. 

My boys are now teens who still display their childhood trophies and ribbons. 

These are special things they’ll eventually put into their keepsake containers and show their kids someday. 

Awwwwwww, I’m not gonna cry. 

So when I was the director of a home school program for a few years, 

I wanted to find something really special to reward the kids who accomplished knowing all their memory work by the end of the year. 

And what I came up with ended up being very popular with the kids…and the moms.

I was so excited to order these dog tags online!

Personalized Dog Tags

Not only did the kids love them and they were so easy…

the price is unbelievable. 

What would you pay for TWO metal dog tags, 

personalized up to FIVE lines, 

with your choice of metal color, 

and choice of rubber silencer color?

How about six whole dollars?! 

That’s right, about $3 each. 

Amazing for the teacher budget. So sweet for our kids to wear with pride!

And just the right size to accumulate several over the years without taking too much space on your trophy shelf, lol. 

These dog tags also include 2 stainless steal ball keychains.

I can’t believe how easy they make it for us teachers or home school moms. 

The keychains are great for hanging the tags from a backpacks. 

Or you can head to the craft store to get more ball chain to make necklaces for the kiddos.

In our home school group, these make for fun reading, math, or chore incentive prizes. 

Kids love to collect them!

There are 10 metal colors to choose from. 

And FORTY-FOUR rubber colors to choose from!

I order our dog tags from TAG-Z.com,

and they offer free shipping, as well. 

What’s not to love?!

This is seriously an amazing value.

Two PERSONALIZED dog tags and keychains for just $6 shipped.

I’m not an affiliate, just a huge fan.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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