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Allergist Video: What’s An Oral Food Challenge

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Follow your own doctor’s instructions for managing food allergies.

Allergy Testing With Oral Food Challenges Allergist Video


Dear food allergy mama, 

I know the thought of an oral food challenge can be quite overwhelming. 

One one hand, it’s exciting that your allergist thinks your kiddo qualifies for such a test. 

But on the other hand, how in the world can your child safely try the food allergen you’ve been avoiding at all costs for so long. 

This can be a huge mental and emotional battle so let’s chat. 

In the past 12 years, our family has done many oral challenges with two kids.

I can’t even count them all. 

Some passes.

Some fails.

And you are right, they were never easy…at least not for mama. 

But if you can work through the stress and anxiety, 

oftentimes this is just what you need to open big doors in your food allergy world. 

Because honestly, allergists shouldn’t recommend them unless a pass is highly likely. 

If you don’t pass, your board certified allergist should be there to walk you through any hiccups. 

Being as prepared as possible and knowing more information can often get us moms over that hump of fear. 

So below I have linked a video interview with one of our allergists to explain more about oral food challenges in food allergy. 

Milk Allergy Mom Members, Dr. Kaufmann and I talk even more on this topic inside the membership. Find our in-depth video in the member library. 

Not a MAM Member yet? Hop in here for the best help, hope, and fun you deserve on this allergy adventure.

And we hope these videos will help you take steps closer to potential food allergy freedom. 

Learn more about Dr. Kaumann here.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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