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Allergist Video: Peanut Allergy Pill FDA-Approved

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Follow your own doctor’s instructions for managing food allergies.


If someone had told me 10 years ago that there would be a food allergy treatment in a pill, 

I would have had so much more hope for our journey with food allergies. 

If there had been ANY mention of ANY kind of food allergy treatment back then, 

it could have been life-changing for me and my mindset. 

Instead, we went over a decade believing that if my son’s body could not outgrow his anaphylactic food allergy…

then it would be something he’d have to manage his whole life. 

Not one bite of milk or tree nut…or he better have his epinephrine auto injector ready to go. 

It was a hard ten years to accept that reality, 

especially as his allergy testing numbers kept rising, 

and as his high sensitivity kept proving itself through the years. 

So when we started to hear about desensitizing food allergies through oral immunotherapy, 

it was a welcome breakthrough we had to learn more about. 

And as you may know, we dived in with our cutting edge allergist. 

My kiddo is still a milk OIT patient, a couple years in. 

It’s going better than I imagined possible. 

At the same time, we knew my allergist was running peanut OIT trials. 

My father-in-law is an allergist who was also helping with the trials. 

And we kept hearing things were going well.

That definitely was the encouragement we needed in our own milk desensitizing journey.

So when the peanut pill results were finally published and FDA-approved…

we were thrilled for peanut allergy families waiting for this. 

Milk allergy desensitizing is definitely different than peanut allergy desensitizing. 

But as we like to say at Milk Allergy Mom, we are in this together. 

And we hope this first FDA approval for food allergy treatment will pave the way for more food allergy families to finally find freedom. 

Dr. Siri, who conducted trials and presented findings on the Aimmune peanut pill, Palforzia, was kind enough to talk with us about how the pill works. 

You can watch the video below!

Then we go inside Milk Allergy Mom Membership to answer specific questions from our members about the pill.

Feel free to join us for more discussion

Learn more about Dr. Siri here, and watch our video below.

I hope you are encouraged today!

See allergist video.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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