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Allergist Video: 3 Food Allergy Tests Explained

What’s the difference between a skin test, a blood test, and an oral food challenge when it comes to food allergy testing? 

Great question! We sat down with my allergist and have some answers in this helpful video. 

Sit back, relax, and learn with me!

Food Allergy Tests Explained


This information is for educational purposes only.

Follow your own doctor’s instructions for managing food allergies.


One common question we often get asked at Milk Allergy Mom,

is how to test for food allergies.

Where to start when you suspect that you may be dealing with a food allergy?

That’s a great question. 

One, if you think you or your loved one has a food allergy, 

starting with a board certified allergist will be very helpful. 

As my allergist immunoligist shares in this video with me, 

there are a few different food allergy tests that can be done…

to piece together as best as possible…

what food allergies you are likely dealing with. 

They can also help you manage them, stay safe, and possibly even make them better!

I love that Dr. Siri, in our video together, shares THREE possible tests. 

Many of you may have heard of skin and blood tests. 

But what about that third test? 

It’s called a “food challenge”, and Dr. Siri tells us how it works.

Plus, she explains skin and blood tests in fascinating detail. 

My family knows skin, blood, and food challenges well. 

For all the skinny on the three food allergy tests we have experienced MANY times over the past 14 years, 

be sure to watch this video with my allergist

I know you will find it very helpful, even if you think you know everything about allergy testing. 

I learned new things!

Thanks, Dr. Siri, for explaining food allergy testing for us!

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Learn more about Dr. Siri here, and watch our video below!

I think you will learn something new today.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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