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Allergy Binder Challenge Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the FREE Allergy Binder Challenge at Milk Allergy Mom!

Click to learn more about the challenge or scroll down for your day 4 task.

allergy binder challenge graphic

Wow, friend, you are not letting up!!!

I’m so proud of you!

I know getting supplies, collecting action plans, and finding physician papers was quite a feat for our first 3 days.

So we are taking it easy for day 4.

TODAY’S ASSIGNMENT: Print 4 Important Online Resources

1. Allergen Avoidance Lists from KWFA

You may know many of the names for your allergens, but other caregivers may not. KWFA has simple lists already in printable sheets for us: milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nut. If you keep scrolling the KWFA page I linked, there are other fantastic printable resources, as well.

2. Anaphylaxis 6-Step Poster from Allergic Living

In addition to having action plans, I think this simple 6-step poster can help other caregivers understand the basics of treating anaphylaxis. This is an important resource to include in your binder and is one of the best anaphylaxis educational sheets I’ve seen.

3a. Anaphylaxis Signs & Symptoms in Babies and Toddlers from Auvi-Q

3b. Anaphylaxis Signs & Symptoms in Kids & Teens from Auvi-Q

NEW! We just recently found these resource and added them here to our list of favorites. I love how they distinguished between two very different age groups. I remember being so nervous that my baby couldn’t verbalize his symptoms. I would have loved the baby sheet 17 years ago. And the kid sheet is great, too…still practical with my now teen. These sheets are both simple and easy to understand. 

4. Post-Anaphylaxis Reminders From The Food Allergy Counselor

Helpful tips for dealing with post-anaphylaxis stress. We love this sheet, I can personally relate to the tips so I know it’s good, and it’s free.

For extra credit, you may enjoy poking around the FARE, KWFA, Allergic Living, and Auvi-Q websites a little more. We won’t cover anymore online sheets in this 7-day challenge but feel free to peruse if you have time.

Remember, I’m keeping it basic in this challenge so you don’t feel overwhelmed. But it’s ok to do more if you want!

PARTICIPANT COMMENT: “I can’t wait to see this all organized in my new binder, soon!”

I know! I can’t wait for you to do this part, as well! It’s coming! So keep adding to your homework pile, and I’ll show you what to do with it in just a couple days.

Keep going, I promise this is gonna be worth it.

Any questions, leave a comment. I’m committed to helping you get this done.

Cheering for you, 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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