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Allergist Video: Baked Milk OIT Oralimmunotherapy

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Milk Allergy Treatment with Baked Dairy Therapy


Milk Allergy Moms, this one’s for you!

As many of you know,

our family has been desensitizing my son’s severe, life-threatening milk allergy for a few years now. 

And it is going well!

Much in part to the amazing allergist by our side since the beginning, 14 years!

Shout out to Dr. Siri!

But also because my father-in-law came out of retirement to help and because my husband and son were ready to tackle this thing!

I guess it was the Kaufmann men trifecta going on…because I’m honestly just sitting on the sidelines reporting in to all of you, lol. 

But how we’ve approached milk allergy OIT, or oralimmunotherapy, has been a bit different than what we usually hear.

We did not go right to liquid milk dosing. 

Instead, we spent a very good amount of time on tackling baked milk, first. 

And my son miserably failed a baked milk challenge as a toddler. 

And he’s had epi-pen from a bite of cheese in the past.

And he’s had steroid treatment just for drinking after me years ago.

So this kiddo is highly allergic and has a very life-threatening history with milk.

However, we are proving that with a very customized, catered, low and slow approach, 

even life-threatening milk allergy can be desensitized in some kids. 

We want to encourage all of you! 

Because honestly, probably like you, I figured we were the least likely candidates. 

But I can now proudly say my son eats cheese pizza and donut shop donuts and we eat out dairy-free!

No epi-pens during treatment, so far. 

And I’m so thankful to my father-in-law for setting us on this path. 

He knew I needed to ease into this, and many allergists are also starting to let families begin with baked milk treatment, too.

It is one of the hardest allergens to desensitize, and kids may need to do baked milk first to see success. 

Learn more in the video below! 

In this video, we talk to Dr. Bob Kaufmann, also known as Dr. Bob, about the uniqueness of baked milk OIT. 

Then inside Milk Allergy Mom Membership we dive deeper in our video interview,

plus we have several other allergist videos on topics I know you’ll love. 

I know this because our members pick the topics! 

As a result, lives are changing and so can yours.

Several of our member families have started food allergy and milk allergy treatment because of what they’ve learned in the membership. 

And some have even graduated and are eating milk without problems!

Together, we are empowered.

I hope you’ll join us and perhaps change the whole path of your food allergy journey…for the better.

Here’s more about Dr. Kaufmann.

See the video below. 

I know you’ll learn something new today!




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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